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    With all the enthusiasm for zettelkasten/second-brain like systems (roam, org-roam, now this), I’m surprised that nobody has been working on I haven’t heard of an external format/tool that various UI’s can interface. VSCode, at least that’s my impression, is the kind of editor that gets displaced from it’s throne every few years by the next new thing, as has happened to Sublime and Atom before, so I certainly wouldn’t be too confident in making my “second brain” depend on it, except maybe if it’s used as a brainstorming tool for projects, but then it would have to be distributable too – but from skimming the article that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Edit: Fixed the first sentence, sorry for my ignorance. Also I missed that this is markdown based, so I guess the rest of the comment isn’t quite right either, but I guess/hope my general point is still legitimate.

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      I’m surprised that nobody has been working on an external format/tool that various UI’s can interface

      Checkout neuron which is editor-independent, has native editor extensions, but can also interface (in future) with editors through LSP.

      Some examples of neuron published sites:

      Easiest way to get started (if you don’t want to install yet): https://github.com/srid/neuron-template

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        That sounds cool, but I don’t really get why LSP would help? I (personally) would much prefer a native client, in my case for Emacs, than something that forces itself into a protocol for program analysis.

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          Well, neuron does have native extensions for emacs and vim (see neuron-mode and neuron.vim) - but LSP support just makes multiple editor support easier by shifting common responsibility to a server on neuron.

          EDIT: I’ve modified the parent comment to clarify this.

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          Is there any easier way to install (i.e. without nix?) I’m on a laptop and installing new toolchains is prohibitive for the low storage I have.

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            Nix is the only way to install neuron (takes ~2GB space including nix and deps), until someone contributes support for building static binaries.

            But I’d encourage you give Nix a try anyway, as it is beneficial even outside of neuron (you can use Nix to install other software, as well as manage your development environments).

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              I got a working binary with nix-bundle, that might be a simpler option. It’s a bit slow though, especially on first run when it extracts the archive. nix-bundle also seems to break relative paths on the command line.

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                Interesting. Last time I tried nix-bundle, it had all sorts of problem. I’ll play with it again (opened an issue). Thanks!

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          Isn’t the markdown that this thing runs on exactly that external format, and one that has been getting adoption across a wide range of platforms and usecases at that?

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            There is tiddlywiki and the tiddler format.

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              I wish the extension used the org format instead of markdown (so if something happens to vscode, I can use it with emacs), but otherwise I totally agree with your comment!

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                You can use markdown files with org-roam in emacs by using md-roam. I prefer writing in Markdown most of the time, so most of my org-roam files are markdown files.

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              Damn, it also suffers from the same issue as Org does - being tied to the particular set of host software.

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                Yes, this is why I suggested the author to integrate with neuron.

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                I wonder how this compares to Obsidian.