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User Interface / User Experience

  • how the user interacts with a computer program
  • how a program’s behaviour is designed
  • how a UI affects what actions are easy, hard, pleasant, unpleasant, possible, or impossible, which in turn affects what and whom the program is good for
  • P.S. your API is a user interface

Examples of stories that would benefit from such a tag, and what they were now tagged with:

Similar tags that don’t cover the subject:

  • Graphics – Graphics programming
  • Design – Visual design*

Neither of these covers the notion of interaction between the user and the computer, and how that is affected by the design of the program’s behaviour and interfaces.


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    It’s been suggested, (even by me) but always been shot down in favour of overloading design.

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      If that is the outcome this time, too, it ought to result in changing the description of the Design tag. Right now its description is “Visual design”, which actually narrows the tag to exclude most UI design.