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      This looks super awesome, though heads up - the license situation seems to be a bit of a mess, and this isn’t necessarily open source software as the title claims.

      The footer of the website says CC BY-NC-SA, which is not open source. But looking through the GitHub repositories (though not that hard) I see one repo licensed MIT and several others with no licenses at all.

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      Please don’t let your cats roam free :(

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        Can I ask why ? No malice or intent to start a flame war, just curious

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          Cats are very effective predators of other animals, specifically birds.

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            There’s enough rabbits in my area that some more predatory pressure on them is probably a good thing. Let alone the rats and mice attracted by a nearby apartment building that really needs a proper dumpster but doesn’t have space to put it in, and so results in stray trash lying around every trash pickup day.

            Cats are vicious little bastards, but nature is not a very nice place.

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              If you had a dog you’d probably be more certain it would only kill rats and rabbits, and not go after birds if it gets bored.

              But I don’t have any strong preferences either way. Our neighbor has a free-range cat that probably wreaks havoc locally, but she’s a support for him as a widower.

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                I have a dog; it would love to kill rats and rabbits, but cats usually do a better job cleaning themselves up between “murdering something small and cute” and “licking your face”. …And are less likely to get in trouble by trying to join the kids doing football practice across the street.

                Cats are also usually smart enough not to try messing with skunks. :-P

                Honestly I think the best solution would be more hawks and owls; I used to see lots of birds of prey in my area 5+ years ago but haven’t seen as many recently. Not sure whether there’s fewer of them around for some reason, or I’ve just gotten used to them and stopped noticing.

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          To be honest, I worry about they getting hurt, hit by cars, etc. (I’m a bit cat obsessed). They will also prey on birds as mentioned below.