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    What exactly are these guys providing? It seems like they are providing a platform and some utility blocks–but how does that reduce the price down to $100?

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      The second version aims to service a 16 multi-block chip. [..] A 350umx350um block can be splitted in four, bringing down the price to 100 dollars per a 170umx170um block. [..] we foresee a crowdfunding campaign for the first oshpark-like chip in 2019.

      Sounds like they basically want to panalize silicon, the difference being that you get an IC with other people’s designs on it (possibly fused off?) So you all share the cost of what it costs to make the complete chip and are able to get a bit more scale out of it.

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        Yea, looks like a half-way step between FPGA and full-wafer custom ASIC. You get utility stuff and interconnect standardised, but instead of a grid of LUTs, you get some fixed-size areas of full-custom silicon. Seems like an interesting idea.