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    I wish something (potentially legislative? like the ADA) would require websites to have some amount of accessibility requirements, including basic functionality even with JS turned off. If I could surf with JS off and opt-in without losing 99% of functionality, I would.

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      Or better: Use AdBlocking Everywhere

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        Sad but true. But even using an ad blocker does not solve the problem since you never know which ad blocking rules one has enabled. It can be different by ad blocker, by country, and many other things. But at least a very basic check from time to time can safe you some trouble

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          I got caught by this once. I was writing a Shop Website, and added a clickable banner image at the top which I called ‘promotion-name-advert.jpg’ . A couple of months later I noticed that it had almost zero clicks, only by browsing on my production machine, did I realise that my adblocker extension blocks any image with the word ‘advert’ in the name by default.