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in the last few months I’ve been working on a semi-automatic weekly newsletter for various topics, mainly about programming.

Each week a recap is sent with a link to relevant discussions (on Lobsters, HN, Reddit, etc.).

Sample issue for Rust: https://discu.eu/weekly/rust/2022/24/

Sample issue for Compsci: https://discu.eu/weekly/compsci/2022/24/

Beside the newsletter, there’s also a browser extension which shows the presence of discussions for the page you’re currently viewing: https://discu.eu/extension and a series of bots for Mastodon and Twitter which post regular updates: https://discu.eu/social

Developed with Django: https://github.com/xojoc/discussions

Any feedback is welcome! Especially about the landing page :)


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    I would appreciate if one could register for a single newsletter that bundles multiple topics, e.g. zig, Rust, and Go.

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      By the way, I really like that there’s a preview for each topic.

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        Yeah, the idea is to add an account system (with an optional premium plan) to let users handle this kind of preferences.

        But first I wanted to see if there’s enough interest :)

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        Nice to see Nim represented!

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          Looks nice. I would prefer RSS feeds though.

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            I’d like to add that as a premium feature. Alternatively you can use an external service like feedbin.com, kill the newsletter or even Feedly.

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              If it’s not too much I could def get a premium :)

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            A suggestion: maybe it would be a good idea to split C and C++?

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              I have to rethink a little bit the interface to let users mix different topics in a single bundle and in this case separate precombined topics.

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              This is great. How are the articles selected, from which sources?

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                Right now from various forums (Reddit, Lambda the Ultimate, HN, Lobsters, etc.) they are then tagged based on tags/subreddit of the forum, title, url, etc.

                In the near future I’d like to use various planets (https://planet.scheme.org/, https://planet.gnome.org/, etc.) as a source too and rank the articles based on some kind of pagerank algorithm (I have to rank them somehow otherwise there would be too much stuff in the weekly issue).

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                  Got it, thanks. As a bit of feedback, I’d be interested in an Erlang one but not particularly Elixir; the content in the Erlang & Elixir one is about 90-95% Elixir, and that must be largely because Elixir is a lot more popular in the sources, so sorting that out would (I guess?) mean adding in more Erlang-specific ones, which would then mean either a bigger E&E list or separating them out, or (I guess) adding a filtering mechanism. All of which sounds like work for you, and thus (I guess?) the kind of thing that you’d want to put into a paid membership version? At which point it seems like you’d maybe need to provide mechanisms for people to suggest sources for the lists they pay for, or something similar. All more work for you. But, honestly I personally likely wouldn’t pay money for the service, unless it already had at least all that functionality, and more specific content that I’d want to read about, ideally surfacing stuff I can’t find on Reddit/here/etc anyway. As often, that probably means I’m just not the target user/audience, so like I said, this is just meant as very-small(!)-sample-size market feedback. Regardless of my particular user foibles, it’s really neat, nicely made, and the core idea is cool. Thanks for your reply.

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                That’s actually very cool. And to the point! Nice work!

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                  This looks nice indeed. I am going to try it out.

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                    Thanks for sharing! I’ll try that out, too!

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                      Any chance to have dotnet too?

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                        I’ll add it in the next days!