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    Can someone please explain the separation between the WebKit JS engine, V8, WebKit and Blink? I thought that Blink was a fork of WebKit, and that it was simply a rendering engine. This article makes it sound like WebKit also includes a JS engine. Is the name overloaded?

    Also, I was disappointed to learn that FTL didn’t stand for “Faster Than Light.”

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      WebKit has hooks to plug in different JS engines. Before the Blink fork, Safari was built with WebKit and Apple’s JS engine, while Chrome was built with WebKit and V8. Now that Chrome has forked WebKit into Blink, they only care about one JS engine (V8), and so they may have made it harder / impossible to switch out.

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        WebKit’s JS engine is called JavascriptCore. As far as I know none of the WebKit “ports” (webkit-gtk, webkit-qt, etc.) provide access to V8.

        In general WebKit is kind of a mess; things that should be orthogonal (e.g. what GUI toolkit is used for rendering, which HTTP library is being used, which Javascript engine is being used, which features and options are exposed) are all bundled together.