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The Musée Bolo is surfing the Internet with a VT100, via an acoustic coupler at 300 bauds and an old Swiss Zellweger phone in bakelite from 1934.


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    Although nice to watch, I would argue that that it’s only the display part that’s at 300 baud, not the actual surfing. He’s logging into a remote Debian shell, and surfing from there.

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      You are right to point out this detail. To fully clarify:

      • The VT-100, being a terminal, is remotely controlling a Linux machine using the acoustic coupler at 300 bauds;
      • The remote machine does surf using a much faster and modern connection.
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      You too can have this faux-nostalgic[1] experience: https://github.com/Swordfish90/cool-retro-term

      (300 bps is pretty annoying, but 1200 isn’t really that bad; about like newish e-ink)

      [1] Apologies to any ancient wizards here whose nostalgia may be genuine

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        If doing it on macos, build from source. The 1.0.1 dmg and/or brew cask are quite old.

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        I remember dialing into BBSes at 300 baud back in the late 80s. I found 1200 much better as I could read at that speed; 2400 was a bit too fast to keep up with. Downloading files took forever though.

        The guy needs to set his TTY session to send a CRLF at the end of each line instead of just the LF. A stty onlcr should work.