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    Is it HN-like or Lobsters-like? O_o

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      That’s HN-like. Compact style, “new” instead of “recent,” “discuss” instead of “no comment,” and “login” in upper-right are giveaways. “Lobsters-like” should probably only refer to sites using Lobsters engine or close in style/functionality. Our tagging, mention, and messaging combo is especially useful vs Hacker News.

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      Is this only for PhD students? I’d join but the signup requires an academic email, and I haven’t had one since I finished my PhD. I can possibly point to other credentials to prove I’m not a crank.

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        Absolutely not meant to be a PhD club. You can email hsx at hessix dot com and will get an account right away.

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          Then you need to change this - from the “User Guide”:

          Where am I?

          • A platform for PhDs in math and stat to discuss research.

          Why do I need to verify my academic email address?

          • An algorithm uses it to determine if you are a genuine PhD candidate in math/stat.

          This sounds like it’s specifically and only for PhD candidates.

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            It’s now open to everyone with an email address

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              The “guide” document says:

              • Why do I need to verify my email address?

                • To reduce spam. If you are a math/stats PhD, please use your academic email so that your username is highlighted as PhD. The email address is only used in the account creation stage.

              There are people with math PhDs who do not have an academic email address, so it’s not clear what you’re doing, or why you’re doing it.

              I’m not complaining, this isn’t a criticism, I’m just asking what you’re trying to accomplish, how you’re trying to accomplish it, and what happens in other cases. The document, as it stands, isn’t clear.

              Are you intending to highlight those who have a PhD in math but do not work at an academic institution? Are you then intending to verify them, and if so, how?

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                Any PhD candidate, holder who still works in academia, or holder who doesn’t work in academia can submit proof of their PhD status during account creation (e.g. link to PhD thesis, university-hosted online profile, etc.) to facilitate verification. Once verified, these users are highlighted on the platform as PhDs. Registering with an academic email makes the verification faster and easier, otherwise it’s not required. I’ll clarify the user guide.

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        Not a lot discussion going on there. None of the stories on the front page have any comments.

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          Interesting site. Good luck on it!

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            There seems to be one important feature missing: where is the RSS/Atom feed? This is how I stay up to date with discussion sites like HN (which yours most closely seems to resemble), lobste.rs and others.

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              On the way, I agree it’s a major point, please stay tuned

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                  Works fine in serving the PDF links. Some suggestions:

                  • extract the abstract from the articles and serve them as description in the feed with a direct link to the comment section for that article
                  • You might also want to consider adding a comment feed (lobste.rs style) and giving the user the choice to subscribe to either, this of course depending on the expected comment volume.
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                    It now shows the clickable abstracts that link to the comments page. I don’t expect very deep comment threads…