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Relevant issue: https://github.com/dotnet/coreclr/issues/5612


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    Jon Skeet, the Stack Overflow oracle.

    It seems like culture issues have struck again. I wonder if it’d be better to make cultural things an opt-in rather than an albatross you get for free.

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      I suspect it’s the default because the 90% case you do want it. MS cares a lot about localization. They spent the effort to optimize performance over the past two years. Linux has taken the alternative tack of ignoring the problem and telling people “export LOCALE=C” if they complain.

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        What is your proposal, concretely?

        Users who have configured locales other than en-US have, in fact, opted in to localization features. That’s most of the world.

        Or do you mean that software developers should have to opt-in to being able to use localization features at all? I don’t understand what this would mean in API terms, and it isn’t really a choice except for developers whose own settings are en-US…