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    Cool effect I discovered:

    1. Draw all over to create large space of moving pixels
    2. Draw on top of this - try a dot at first.
    3. Observe how it gives a sense of depth!
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      Very nice!

      May I suggest adding image-rendering: pixelated; to the canvas element’s CSS? Greatly improves how it looks when zoomed in.

      edit: wow, looks like glslify really creates a nice vector for reuse of glsl code. neat implementation. https://github.com/MaxBittker/noise-draw

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        I think you might add the epilepsy warning for photosensitive people…

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          I once played a platformer game that looked like this (circa 2010?). The whole window looked like white noise, but the walls moved/changed at a different rate to the background & the character. It was quite interesting and not uncomfortable to play.

          In particular I remember that after every time I played it: my eyes would see the rest of the world as super-smooth for the next few minutes. It was a weird and interesting effect.

          I’ve been trying to find this game again for years. Was it win32? Was it flash? :(

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            Hmm, was it Lost in the Static, as inspired by that guy doing the 300 mechanics website?

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              Yes, thankyou Relax! Greatly appreciated.

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              I remember playing the FKR games by NAL on Yoyogames back when that site still was a thing. FKR5 especially is interesting since it it never clears the frame buffer but instead continues to partially draw on top of it. It demonstrates how incredible our capability for visual understanding really is.

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              I opened this link in a fullscreened browser window and briefly thought I’d made a terrible mistake.

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                I discovered that if you draw to upper right corner, you toggle the mask between noice and black.

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                  this is awesome, I love the concept of painting with animation, more apps could use this approach, really insightful

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                    They look like fingerprints to me. Neat.

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                      Nice! I notice that the “moving” noise disappears a bit when I move my eyes across the screen.

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                        • Immune to screenshots.
                        • Sort of psychedelic. As noted by @LenFalken, strange sense of depth.