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    Do you also have a otf or ttf version available? I am working on a project where this font could be really usefull :)

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      It’s a bitmap.

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        You can wrap bitmap fonts in a TTF, so the actual bitmap is used at specific point sizes, and the other sizes are naively scaled. I don’t know, myself, how to do this, but I’ve seen it done.

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          The tools Tilman made for Terminus TTF might be useful.

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      Very nice! I will use it for the next iteration of Geoff’s VT100 terminal.

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        This is lovely but I have one criticism: it’s called “bizcat” so where is the cat glyph!? ❤

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          Critique: m could be better, I’m just not sure how to fix it. The middle stem needs to be more noticeable or something.

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            Agreed. 8 pixels just isn’t enough for 3 2-pixel lines, so trickery is needed. I made the middle one skinny, and that looked the best of the options I tried, but it’s still unsatisfying.

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            “Please don’t post this article to Hacker News…”

            I’m curious, why not?

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              I just assumed that maybe their hosting cannot handle the load it would generate.

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                Nah I just prefer to manage the S/N ratio when i can.

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                  Heh. I originally commented mentioning the huge amount of low quality ‘discussion’ that posting to ‘hacker’ ‘news’ would generate, but then changed my comment to go with the more neutral option.

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              Interestingly, the DOS font I remember is actually 9x16:

              The 8x16 version is used in MCGA text mode. VGA keeps that one, but it also has its own 9x16 version, which once again has wider forms for specific characters and generates the 9th column MDA-like. The 9x16 font is the VGA default, and that’s the one most widely associated with ASCII/ANSI art on the PC… and probably with the entire DOS era in general.

              What does int10h.org mean by “MDA-like”?

              […] characters are stored as 8 pixels wide, but displayed with an additional 9th column (either blank or a duplicate of the 8th, depending on the character).

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                Yep! A clever trick when they started, since text modes didn’t need to be the same res as graphics. Bizcat puts inter-glyph spacing on the right, so it should be compatible with this trick, if you have a 720x480 display.

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                It cannot be coincidence that I’m writing a font rendererer… right, this, second.

                Bizcat for round one!