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      They put CloudFlare in for anti-spam - it also broke my RSS reader :(

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        That doesn’t even make sense. How do you spam an RSS feed? Too many people drinking too much Cloudflare koolaid.

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          It’s not anti-spam it’s anti-DDoS. As for why it’s triggering for every user, no idea.

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            If I remember correctly, os2museum.com experienced a steady barrage of DDoS attacks and hacking attempts, and it came to using something like CloudFlare, or not having hosting. (Edit: I believe they block a large portion of Chinese and Russian users as well.)

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      Worth keeping as another example of how aspects of our systems are just historical baggage tied to arbitrary decisions or problems that don’t exist any more. Like bin vs sbin on UNIX. Microsoft’s Windows has its own baggage it can’t slash going forward.

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        it can’t slash going forward

        I see what you did there.