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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you’ve done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    Testing Caffe on my TK1 with a variety of models, trying to get a handle on power usage. This new gig has me operating outside of my recent comfort zone (Linux, CUDA, convolutional neural networks instead of OS X, video, maps) and I’m loving it to pieces. I feel much younger and more sprightly than I have in years.

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      Final stretch of my coasters project! Had to take a slight break to figure out slides. The good news is that the coaster work is very visual, so it translates to slides well.

      I did two run throughs (one at Shyp and one at Twilio) and both went fairly well.

      Top priority for the project is to figure out a physics model - determine the car’s speed at any point on the track. Doesn’t need to be perfect but would be a good input for the GA. I flushed out the README so take a look if you are interested in a neat problem: https://github.com/kevinburke/rct.

      Giving a talk Wednesday at OSCON in room E147/E148 (the Solve track). Hope to see you there! http://www.oscon.com/open-source-2015/public/schedule/speaker/197095

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        We just finished a C64 demo for Assembly. As in, yesterday afternoon.

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          Finally happy with my puppet setup at home, so currently reprovisioning all the things from it. Ended up with a bootstrap script for the few OS' I have here (FreeBSD, LX-brand Debian, SmartOS, Arch) to set puppet up, then have a makefile that syncs the manifest repo into /root/puppet and invokes puppet apply over SSH. Simple, easy to reason about & test, and self-contained in a single git repo. Also leverages make instead of Yet Another Bash Script, which makes me stupidly happy for some reason.

          Dragged one of my RPi’s kicking and screaming out of the storage box & am hooking it with with an ant+ stick and antfs-cli to automatically slurp sport activities off my Garmin watch. I had forgotten just how slow the pi was compared to modern hardware, definitely an excuse to upgrade to an RPi2 right? >:-)

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            What are you managing with puppet? I’m always interested in what people chose. (Do you have a DHCP server? Any web apps?) Are the manifests open source?

            And, tit-for-tat, I have my own network managed with Chef. It’s open source, available on Github. Kinda boring repo at the moment though, I’m still working on developing more cookbooks (ala modules for puppet) and getting a lot of things under the configuration management umbrella.

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              What are you managing with puppet? I’m always interested in what people chose. (Do you have a DHCP server? Any web apps?)

              Currently the hardware is a HP G8 microserver running SmartOS as home server & now a RPi B running Arch Linux.

              The G8 has a few zones running under it, which I’m in the process rebuilding & bringing under puppet control (about half there currently.) It runs:

              • Native SmartOS zones: Internet available SSH host, Samba host for network shares, stats server
              • Debian LX-brand zones: Crashplan backup server, Plex media server
              • FreeBSD KVM zone: Sonarr, NZBGet, CouchPotato

              (DHCP, VPN, IPv6 Tunnel, Firewall, etc are all taken care of by a EdgeRouter Lite & Netgear managed switch. Airport Extreme provides the wifi for the house currently.)

              Are the manifests open source?

              Not yet, although the aim is (as always) to make as much of it open source as I can. So far I’ve just tidied up & released the one puppet module—caius/resolvconf.

              And, tit-for-tat, I have my own network managed with Chef.

              Ha, cool. I’ve been through a couple of iterations with this so far, started off with ansible for everything. Chef is definitely on my list to try though, although I’m trying to stop trying things currently & get the home network stable/finished (so the kids stop moaning at me that the media server is broken ;->)

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            At work we’ve been dealing with a huge data loss that involves a schema change from an upstream external source, a weeks worth of hung threads that didn’t clean up, a full disk and python incorrectly validating a corrupt zip file. So mostly restoring backups and reindexing a bunch of stuff :/

            Outside of work I’ve been messing round with a haskell port of a neural network in 11 lines of python as well digging into Markov Logic Networks after reading this: http://phdp.github.io/posts/2015-07-13-srl-code.html . I find all this stuff endlessly fascinating but am struggling to come up with a toy project to really dig my teeth into. Suggestions welcome!

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              Shaved some yaks to set up ebook editing with a Makefile running pandoc to output epub, mobi, and pdf. I’ll pour my [https://push.cx/2015/railsconf](talk) outline and speaker notes into markdown this week, which should help me figure out how much work this is going to be.