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    it would be great if the package managers (rpm, pacman, etc) would have an option of using this library instead of libc , so that messing up packages (that unfortunately happen), would not break the package manager itself.

    Perhaps making sure that a statically linked package managers would achieve the same, but reading how the author was building rescue floppies – made me think of this.

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      Static linking is the right solution. FreeBSD’s pkg tool installs a statically linked copy and so can be used even if all of the libraries that it needs are broken. I’ve had Debian systems die because of an incompatible glibc change and that would be completely avoided by this.

      A stand alone libc like this is not likely to be a good choice for a package tool, which probably needs a richer subset of C standard library functions.

      FreeBSD included libstand, which was factored out, improved, and renamed libsa (stand alone) a few releases back. This is used by the kernel and the loader to provide a fairly rich freestanding C environment. It can also be used in other projects fairly easily.