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      This is a cool move, and I hope it works out well. What does bother me is a seeming commitment to move away from the C codebase despite the fact that the funding/planning situation appears not to be ideal.

      from https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/arti#status

      Arti 1.2.0: Onion service support (not funded, timeframe TBD)

      Arti 2.0.0: Feature parity with C tor as a client (not funded, timeframe TBD)

      Arti ?.?.?: Relay support

      While timeframe is tbd, from the currently funded and higher priority tasks, it will likely be 2023 before these tasks get any look in. I’m worried that 2-3 years of C tor being on a skeleton crew and everyone else plunging ahead on a replacement that doesn’t have parity, or even core features, budgeted or planned is not a good place to be.