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    This might be a better link:

    https://github.com/fachat/GeckOS-V2 http://www.6502.org/users/andre/osa/index.html

    (disclaimer: maintainer of xa65, which is the cross-assembler for GeckOS that Andre originally wrote, and that he and I jointly keep up to date)

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      It just delights me that such things exist in the world, and also gives me hope that I will live long enough, and retain enough good health to have the time to work on such things someday :)

      But for now, my pager has stopped screaming and it’s time to go to bed :)

      I noticed that GeckOS is currently written for C64/PET - how abstracted is the platform specific code? I’m wondering specifically how hard this would be to port to run on an Atari 800.

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        In the video the guy talks about how there’s an “arch” folder, specifically to run on different machines. The GeckOS guy apparently has his own 6502 based computer with an MMU, which has it’s own arch/ folder. The presenter also spoke / posited “How about a port to Atari??!” as an idea for someone to do. Probably possible if you know the system well enough.

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          A 6502 with an MMU? You’re blowing my mind.

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            Here’s the documentation.

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        I know that 8-Bit Guy’s Commander X16 will likely have it’s own monitor (at least), but I’m curious if GeckOS is something that would make sense on it. I don’t have enough context (or time) to even consider looking into this, but seems like an interesting possibility…

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          Wow I had never heard about the Commander X16 and - I am in awe of these folks :)

          For anyone who wants to see the intro video it’s over here.

          When I get time I need to hunt down where they ended up landing on sound.

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            I haven’t had time to play around with it (and this would be my very first non-NES 6502 experience), but there’s an emulator and what seems like pretty significant community and progress being made, which is rad.

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              Yeah. I tend towards the Atari 8 bit stuff because that’s the computer I cut my teeth on (gah what a horrid expression :) but the architecture they describe does sound awesome!