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I recently started listening to a couple of podcasts and the format really started growing on me. However, I found it a bit overwhelming to find good podcasts out there in the wild. That’s why I decided to ask this question out loud, where probably everyone interested can find something useful! Needless to say, I expect the topics to be more technical (this is Lobsters after all), but if you feel that any off-topic podcast is relevant, feel free to share!


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    While not podcasts as such, I like listening to Abelson and Sussman’s SICP, Harvey’s SICP[0] and Miller Puckette on Pd[0].

    I haven’t found any enjoyable techie podcasts, so I’m curious about what people will post in this thread. I have a dislike for shallow chit-chats about tech, and I often find uni lectures more rewarding. But Lunduke Hour is occasionally listenable.

    Favourite non-tech podcast:

    [0]: To get the YT lists as audio files do youtube-dl -f bestaudio $PODCAST_URL

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      My favorite programming podcast right now is The Yak Shave. I’d say that the topics are often Ruby-related or web-related but definitely not exclusively so.

      I really liked The Bike Shed, but the style of podcast recently changed to weekly interviews. I’m personally not a huge fan of interview-style podcasts, but the content and quality is still good. The archives should still be recent enough to listen through if you want to binge through them lol. It’s pretty similar to The Yak Shave, especially since one of the old hosts moved on to creating The Yak Shave.

      My favorite non-programming related podcasts are Planet Money, The Indicator, and Reply All. The first two are economics podcasts, very informative while also being enjoyable! Reply All is “a podcast about the internet”, but the internet is intertwined with everything nowadays, so it’s really just random stories, some serious but mostly fun.

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          My favorite talk podcast is the UBK Happy Funtime Hour. It’s all about audio engineering, but mixes in some comedy as well as stories from “regular life” that is just fun to listen to if you’re a musician or do anything related to audio.

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            Completely off topic, but I’d recommend The Adventure Zone. Family running a dnd campaign together.

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              I find Sir Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time to be always worth a listen, even when I don’t think I’m going to like the subject matter.

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                I started to listen to audio books with Audible and I love it, I tried podcasts for a while and I faced what you are describing, it’s timing consuming to find good content. As podcasts are free you will have ads in and the proportion content/length is not that good, i.e. with a book you will have about 10h of interesting audio and with podcasts you may have 10 episodes of 1h that only about 20 minutes of each are interesting.

                That said I usually listen to

                As I mentioned here are some audio books I’ve listened that I recommend:

                • Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg
                • Start with Why by Simon Sinek
                • The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
                • Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
                • Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber
                • Scrum by Jeff Sutherland
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                    I do enjoy jcw’s Garbage podcast, too. Always interesting technical stuff going on in there.

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                      First of all, I whole-heartedly recommend Pocket Casts for playing podcasts. It has some neat discovery features which are very unobtrusive, and I find its design to be very usable.

                      Approximately two years ago, podcasts as a medium finally clicked for me. I almost exclusively listen to them while commuting or during my treadmill time at the gym, and I’ve grown to become a huge fan of the format. I regularly listen to the following, and recommend them all:

                      • 99 Percent Invisible: the podcast that actually made me like podcasts. Its basis is in architecture and design, but in the broadest sense possible. All of the producers are amazing. Some recent episode favorites include Devolutionary Design (which made me appreciate Devo much more than I used to), Interrobang (which made me continue appreciating typography nerds), and The Vault (an incredibly fascinating set of feats of humanity I had no idea about).
                      • General Intellect Unit: a podcast about socialism and technology. I believe its creators are (or were) fellow Lobsters, and although the format is a bit dull at times, I find the podcast to be very important. My favorite so far is the three part episode on Adam Curtis’ “All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace”.
                      • Decoder Ring: Slate’s Podcast about pop culture. Each episode focuses on thorough deconstruction of a single topic like scary clowns, or reality dating shows. Willa Paskin is a great host. The episode on Ong’s Hat was amazingly well done, and the story is well-worth a listen.
                      • Song Exploder: This one interviews musicians who choose one of their songs, and take it apart to various degrees of detail. It’s really neat to hear about the artists’ thought processes which went into creating the song. I loved the episodes with The Roots, Lorde and Oathbreaker.

                      I’ve recently started listening to Talking Politics which is made in partnership with the London Review of Books. The excellent episode on “America First” was recommended to me, and I very much appreciated the level of discourse and the content.

                      My choices somehow spontaneously stayed away from hardcore tech stuff. Go figure.

                      EDIT: I now see this is a month-old post which ended up in the Newest Comments feed because someone dug it out of the archives. Nonetheless, I hope someone finds this useful! :)