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    Liveblog begins here.

    • Nostalgic flat design animation. iPod, gumdrop iMacs, etc. All iconic Apple designs here. Ends.

    • Tim on stage. Apple pep speech. Big announcements claimed. No progress reports from Tim this time, straight to updates.

    • Apple Arcade. Ann to stage to talk about that. Games a la carte for all Apple platform on a subscription. Many exclusives. Many launching at the same time. App Store arcade tab. New stuff every month, typical store content and editorial content. Many styles covered.

    • Konami guy on stage. A new Frogger. It’s on Apple Arcade, duh.

    • Capcom guy, “console quality”. Underwater platformer. Survival horror elements? Apple Arcade exclusive, duh^2.

    • Annapurna woman on stage. Pop-music-video-inspired rhythm racing game? Arcade, Arcade, Arcade.

    • There’ll be more, of course. Arcade available on 19th. 150 countries. 100 games in launch catalogue. Costs 4.99$/mo, including family plan. One month trial.

    • Tim back. Apple TV+. They released some trailers last time. People got excited. Trailer about a world of the blind? Content.

    • Apple TV+ will be available on November 1st (limited library at that time, more content a month). >100 countries for launch. 4.99$ a month, family included. When you buy a Mac/iOS device, a year of TV+ included for free.

    • iPad. Big year for iPad; line revamp and rebranded iOS.

    • Joz on stage. Talking about the 9.7” that is most popular. 60% have as first iPad. New model has a slightly larger screen (10.2”?) with bigger resolution/nits/viewing angle. Still has home button. A10 Fusion CPU, smart keyboard compat.

    • Review of iPad OS features. Desktop-class Safari, one-handed keyboard, SD card support, etc. 100% recycled al-u-min-ium chassis. It starts at 329$. 299$ in edu. Orders today, ships at end of month.

    • Back to Tim. Watch. Promo video for Watch health and fitness stuff. Tim gets a lot of letters.

    • Sumbul on stage. Lots of research. More watch-conducted studies as a result. Cycle tracking study. Hearing study. Heart study. App to enroll and monitor. Apple doing the privacy thing too.

    • Back to Tim. Stan with more on Watch. Next-gen? Series 5. Always-on display. Time and complications available, activating watch enables full brightness. “LTPO” display. Dynamic refresh rate. 60-1Hz. Low power display driver, new ALS, new PMC. Same 18hr battery life. Watch faces have been changed to accommodate this and workout metric viewing.

    Lost connection here.

    • Compass app. API for it.

    • Safety features. International emergency calling on cellular models.

    • More bands. 100 %recycled Iveium. Titanium now too, with custom finishes. Ceramic (I think a Lobsters post predicted this) white. New Nike and Hermes models, if that’s your thing. 399$ for GPS base model. 499$ for cellular. Orders after the video. In stores 20th. Series 3 remains in production; it drops to 199$.

    • Back to Tim. More Watch video. iPhone. New iPhones. iPhone 11. Dual camera?

    • I didn’t get her name, but she’ll be talking now. Anodized Iveium and glass. New Purple/White/Yellow/Green/Red (more?). 6.1” (LCD? That’s what liquid implied?) display of the typical Apple quality. Speaker improvements. Wide-angle camera. Faster autofocus. Even wider-angle camera. Low level light performance. NPU used for camera? Better HDR. New mono portrait mode. (Not sure if the jargon used means anything to people, or if it’s just jargon.) Demo of camera. They’re really proud of the camera. Front-facing is better too, with a wider angle and slo-mo with demo.

    • SoCs are something good. Bragging about their lead. A13 Bionic SoC. It’s faster. Graphics still doing better. Gamedev from Giant on stage. Showing off their game (fantasy hack and slash, kinda Soulsborne and Shadow of the Colossus like?) on the new system.

    • Battery is nice. Lots of other features. More promo. Base price at 699$.

    • Back to Tim. Bigger announcement? 11 Pro. Triple cameras. Phil on stage. Apple says pro label means they mean serious business. Various designs. 5.8” and Max at 6.5? 1200 nits and other nice display facts. Same speaker setup, Atmos, etc. “XDR” display.

    • Silicon engineering VP on stage to talk about A13. Power efficiency and machine learning. Faster ML perf with faster matrix multiplication. Is that 1TFLOPs? ML jobs can be scheduled between CPU/GPU/NPU. 7nm. 8.5B transistors. Multiple voltage and clock gating domains. 20% faster, up to 40% power efficiency improvements, better sustained turbo perf.

    • Back to Phil. 4 hours longer battery than previous model. Max is 5. 18W adapter in the box. Cameras. Wide, telephoto, and ultrawide cameras. 4X optical zoom. Samples. “Deep Fusion” combined images with different exposures before shutter. Demo of video. They prepare the other cameras when you’re only using one. Camera apps. Director type guy on stage to talk about one.

    • Phil back, promo video. Yup, Apple flaunting ethical materials. 999$ and Max at 1099$ base. Preorders Friday 10 AM PDT. Ships 20th. 8 and Xr in the line.

    • Tim back. Tim talks retail. Deidre on stage. Product personalization. Trade-ins and monthly payments in some countries. Tweaks to stores.

    • Back to Tim. Summarizing. If you’re actually there, hands-on demos. Lots of thanks.


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