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    Cathode Ray Dude makes excellent videos about obscure and obsolete electronic components.

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      I must be one of the youngest people who ever put in many hours on a Teletype. I was about 12 or 13 in the mid-70s, and they were still around and (i guess) dirt cheap, and it wasn’t uncommon to hook one up to your microcomputer, or use it as a dial-up time-share terminal. My middle school had one on dial-up — yes, at 110bps — and I used another one at a local computer store that had it connected to an IMSAI 8080.

      The curvy Art-Deco Teletype font, and the doit-doit sound the keyboard made, still create an intensely nostalgic reaction in me, kind of like the taste of madelines.

      300 baud modems with acoustic couplers were super common too. I don’t recall seeing a faster modem until after I graduated college in 1987, but from then on they ratcheted up in speed pretty quickly.