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    This is a fun read. Not the ‘usual’ way of dumping the ROM, and there’s some visualization/analysis of the contents.

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      Do you know what the usual way of dumping a ROM is? I was fascinated by this article because I didn’t know anything about the process.

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        Hooking up to the ROM chip directly as in the article is pretty much the “usual” way a typical electronics person would dump a ROM. But someone who’s already knowledgeable about how the console works might prefer to interface through the cartridge connector and so avoid soldering things to the cartridge itself. Most (maybe even all) commercial game dumpers work this way.

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          On the SNES/SFC, usually people use an edge connector (often from an actual SNES because finding one with the right pin spacing is hard) to build a cartridge dumper. Then they just do the same thing the SNES would do through the cartridge pins to read out the ROM.

          Soldering jumper wires directly to the ROM chip on the cartridge is somewhat more inefficient (usually you want to dump a bunch of games), but is also totally awesome :)