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    I think this is incredibly exciting. The author hit one particular nail on the head in that Datalog IS incredibly parallelizable, so a utility for expressive language on top of that would be perfect for large-scale problems. I hope this goes open-source sometime, perhaps a whole series of static-analysis tools that can do million-line codebases FAST could be empowered by a tool like this.

    The Yannis Smaragdakis project the author linked is cool too, I wonder how far back people have had this idea of dropping sophisticated languages on top of logic engines to analyze things. Java is a great candidate for this sort of thing, by being able to break everything into classes for the analysis engine.

    Very cool stuff. I can imagine the headache of trying to get SMT and Datalog to play along nicely with each other, that can’t have been easy.

    edit: It IS open source https://github.com/HarvardPL/formulog

    … but it’s in Java.