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    A more explanatory link: https://haskell.foundation/whitepaper/

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      Thanks, I’ve swapped this in on the story.

      Other readers: this was originally a link to the homepage, which isn’t really clear about where any why this new group exists.

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      The one thing I am confused about is: what is the legal form of this? haskell.org is 501(c)3, and this one is? I searched through the whole page and did not find it.

      I general, I like the page and the ethos statement. It gives a good idea on what to expect.

      I liked

      For many of us Haskell is more a way of life than a programming language.

      which puts a human element in.

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        Haskell.org board member here, and I was involved with helping set up HF. Hopefully I can clarify this.

        The Haskell Foundation has been set up as a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization in New York. The paperwork there is currently backed up due to covid, and so in the mean time haskell.org are accepting donations and holding funds for the Haskell Foundation, which we will turn over once the HF paperwork has finished up.

        We’ll be continuing to get some of this stuff up on that website over the next couple of weeks, unfortunately we had some bad timing and some things came down to the wire and I think there was some information, like this, that we just missed getting up on the first pass.

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          Thanks! That clears things up. To be clear - I wasn’t in any way questioning things. I am just currently interested in researching foundations and was confused to see exactly this information missing. Thanks for explaining the money flow, that was indeed interesting!

          Setting up a foundation in those times is really not fun. All power to you and thanks for your work!

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          Their twitter says “a non-profit building the future of Haskell” but that’s as much as I could find.


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            The instances of “Haskell Foundation” I found on Charity Navigator and IRS Determination Letter search are almost assuredly not this one. They’re much older organizations. I speculate that they’re really just getting started and haven’t yet done their IRS paperwork or have but it’s not yet hit the public feeds that CN and Guidestar and friends use. Once I see an EIN for Haskell Foundation on their site, then it’ll be safer to donate, presuming they’re incorporating in the US.