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    It seems I have made a mistake, in posting this too early. While there are release notes, it seems seems that the ubuntu team hasn’t officially “released” the next version yet, as their Blog hasn’t mentioned anything yet. But since the release date is today, it should be updated soon.

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      Nice! The inclusion of WireGuard is probably the best thing to happen. I’ve always had to install the required packages beforehand for every server I setup, but now its pretty much built in!

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        This is a release I have long been waiting for: an LTS Ubuntu with support for bpftrace!

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          yayy! I wish it already had BTF though (# CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF is not set :/) - it’s such a game changer! (fedora 32, which runs on 5.6 does have it)

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            This is one of the reasons I opted to install Fedora 32 on my new work machine!

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          Terrible naming.

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            You mean “Focal Fossa” or something else?

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              I mean “Focal Fossa” sounds like “fecal fossa” which means “faecal cesspool” in Portuguese.

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              What would you suggest?