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    I’ve been working on Dependency CI along with https://libraries.io the service that powers it, in my spare time for the past few months, it’s great to finally get it out into the real world.

    Dependency CI works like Travis CI but for the dependencies of your application, checking them for license and status issues every time you push to GitHub.

    I’ve written a up a post on medium with more details: https://medium.com/@teabass/introducing-dependency-ci-e859fa138eb6

    It’s 100% free for open source projects and there’s a 14 day free trial for checking private github repositories too.

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      Very cool! You should add the softwaret tag, though, since this is a release.

      Also, your link to libraries.io has a trailing space in it and is broken.

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        Thanks, fixed the link now

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      I would like a version of this that also works for less ‘active’ projects–things that are not actively being developed but are in maintenance mode. Whether this is via periodic re-checks or whether it tracks libraries releasing new versions.

      Cool, though, I like it. It definitely helps to not track that so much manually.