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    With the company shutting down, we also wanted to find a new home for our team … We’re excited that the members of our engineering team will be joining Stripe

    If they actually went out and found work for the whole engineering team, that’s extraordinary. Bravo.

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      I wonder if they went through a route like this.

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        Offhand, I’d guess not. They both had same seed rounds from A16Z and A16Z is very good with relocating talent within portfolio (source: i’ve worked for like 5 of the portfolio companies)

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      It’s commendable that they are not shutting everything down (as happens with so many “incredible journeys”) but instead are looking for ways to continue development. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t make the business work, RethinkDB seems to be an interesting technology.

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        Well that’s shitty news. Other than the obvious what alternatives are there?

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          Considering that the code is AGPL it will be interesting to see what happens with the installbase once the company is closed down.