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No Starch Press are publishing a book of some of articles from Proof of Concept || Get The F**k Out


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    I will be disappointed if this book is not also a zip file and an mp3 player.

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      It needs to ship as an ASIC made with Moore’s EDA tools. It’s a CPU with memory chips and a host comms chip. Only people who can integrate it into a PCB can read it.

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        Now you’re making me seriously consider doing a hardware edition of POC||GTFO that does different things depending on how you wire it up.

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          Oh heck, I didn’t even think about that. Good idea. There’s precedent in old consoles, PC rigs, and the Hack a Day crowd (or makers).

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      Glad to hear it! I always enjoy the work of Pastor Laphroaig et. neighborly al.

      For those of you who haven’t read PoC||GTFO, they certainly live up to the name; the articles are very in-depth and information-rich. The PDF files are also polyglottal (although not multilingual) which is fun.

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        I’d never heard of this journal it looks incredible. Gotta love Lobste.rs for surfacing stuff like this.

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        Shipping: $23.95

        Sigh. This makes a 114 zł book a 202 one.

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          Same for me :|

          If there are enough of us in Europe interested, perhaps we could organize some sort of group buy?

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            You could make your own by printing the pdf’s :~)

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              They won’t have that Holy Book feel to them ( which could be worth $30 dollars to me, but not $55.)

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                From the Samizdat nature of it’s distribution I would believe, nay suggest, nay demand it’s encouraged!

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              God, it’s depressing seeing something I wrote in there and realising how little I’ve been able to get done since then :\

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                Does anybody know if the ebook will be available without the treebook?

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                  Here is the collection of all the published pocorgtfo articles, plus these ones can be written to a boot sector.

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                    Thank you so much!