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    Posting this mainly for the part about the feline inebriation bug; “The original bug report is, ‘There’s cat vomit all over my tavern, and there’s a few dead cats'”. It starts at “It’s funny how I have popular bugs, right?”.

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      Sounds like a feature and not a bug to me.

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        Yeah, that would be some funny shit to have encountered. It’s novel, something to figure out, and a good story for friends later. One of best combos. All the things that led to it also make for a more interesting intro to emergent behavior. I mean, still start with flocking but make next one “why is there cat vomit and dead cats all over my tavern in game?” Many different reactions will happen to that one that should all motivate greater understanding in their own way. :)

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      I’ve never been able to figure out how to make the fonts in DF become large enough to be readable by my blind as a cave mole eyes :)

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        iirc, it’s control + mousewheel down to zoom in. I think it zooms fonts too.

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          Knock yourself out. ;) There’s also a text mode that I always used, which enables neat tricks like sticking it in screen and playing over SSH, that obviously also benefits from your terminal’s accessibility options.

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            AFAICT the tilesets don’t actually enable me to change the font size - unless I’m missing something.

            The text mode is super intriguing - Do you have any info on that? I’ve been poking around in the init.txt file and have yet to figure out how to switch to that.

            Thanks for the response in any case!

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              It’s worth noting that I last played years and years ago, so a great deal may have changed in the interim. Truetype rendering is newer, and I forgot about it, for instance. =P I believe it’s possible to set all text to be rendered in the tileset, though I don’t know how. As of when I was playing, text mode was controlled by setting [PRINT_MODE:TEXT] in init.txt.

              edit: [PRINT_MODE:TEXT] indeed.

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          Wow, this game looks primitive! I figured these types of games would increase graphics at least one notch with some intuitive pics for things on the grid. Not lots of detail or anything. Something just below mario or legend of zelda in graphics. Talk about sticking to the roots.

          So, what’s the allure here for modern players? Or is it mainly people that have been playing the game a long time?

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            I think the appeal is being the only game of it’s kind. There’s no “modern” equivalent with nice graphics you can play instead. A lot of people use different tilesets to improve things a bit though: http://i.imgur.com/KnjBV.png

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              Well that makes sense. That’s also exactly what kind of visuals I was thinking about. Neat they’re already doing it.

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              Wow, this game looks primitive!

              It may look primitive, but it is actually really complex and hard (not because of the UI). It contains engines for realistic generation of whole worlds and then emulating people living there for hundred of years.


              Quick start guide: http://dwarffortresswiki.org/images/e/e6/FlowchartDF.png

              There are even people making comics about what happened to them in the game:

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                That’s some amazing stuff in the strips. Hard to see how all that just emerges unless player or developer are causing key scenarios. You got any links that elaborate this aspect more?

                Note: I once wanted to use Runescape as an AI testbed as it could use many tech’s and personas. This is looking like a better testbed. Being primitive on UI might actually help.