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      Anyone here work on Asahi, and willing to explain why you’d choose to prioritise this work over so many other interesting open source projects?

      In particular, why you’d choose to invest this much so that people can spend more money on proprietary, closed, hardware from a company that’s proved itself largely uninterested in the hacker / maker / free software communities?

      I just don’t get it, but maybe that’s a failure of vision or imagination on my part.

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        I’m not an Asahi Linux developer. But most non-Apple laptops aren’t very good, hardware-wise, and I say this as someone who has mainly been using high-end non-Apple laptops. My next laptop is definitely going to be some kind of ARM Mac, simply because that’s the best and most interesting hardware in that space right now. I will probably end up running Linux on it - if that turns out to be a possibility.

        Also, Linux already works on most laptops. ARM Macs are probably going to be the largest class of hardware without Linux support soon. Porting Linux to them can therefore be an important part in letting people switch to Linux on the hardware they already have.