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    Man, I really wish I hadn’t just bought a new dell laptop…. this thing looks awesome. It almost seems too good to be true.

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      By the time it ships and the bugs are worked out, it’ll be time for a new machine. So, just wait. That’s my plan.

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        it’s just a Clevo/Sager rebrand like every single one of these Linux-preloaded laptops. They’re a lot less Linux friendly than you think.

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          That seems to go against what the whole fundraising campaign is about, are you sure it’s just rebranded hardware? How would they add hardware kill switches to a laptop they’re just rebranding?

          Purism will design and manufacture hardware that only uses free/libre software for the kernel, OS, and all software.

          Purism will source and manufacture the highest quality hardware.

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        Wow, that would be really great to have an open source laptop with hardware switches for camera, mic, wifi, bluetooth and usb!

        For me personally a trackpoint, with 3 physical buttons (like in the older thinkpads) is a must-have. Unfortunately the design doesn’t include it. I will send an email and ask them.