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    The marketing for this project is disingenuous.

    Unlike many other torrent clients that are primarially a desktop client and happen to have a web-ui (Deluge, Qbittorrent, Transmission, etc) Tornado is first and foremost a web client perfect for seedboxes, homelabs, and other scenarios where the user and the machine are in different locations.

    Tornado is a Transmission frontend, the very thing it claims not to be. It’s not a bittorrent client.

    Disclaimer: I’m involved in the synapse project.

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      While it is true that Tornado is a frontend to Transmission and not it’s own client (for now) that quotation was intended to illustrate the difference in priorities of the different projects. Transmission supports multiple different interfaces simultaneously including the Web, while Tornado focuses completely on the Web and provides features outside of just downloading torrents.

      Though I do admit that the phrasing “bittorrent client” might imply things that it is not.

      Also I had not heard of the Synapse project, it seems very interesting. Is it possible to use as a library or only though RPC?

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        But Tornado is something fundamentally different from Transmission. The comparison isn’t meaningful. It also comes across as dishonest, because a project like Tornado is X amount of work whereas something like Transmission is X-squared. Putting yourself out as better than these projects isn’t cool. Tornado isn’t a bittorrent client and it’s no different from any of the existing approaches. It’s cool to have a nice Transmission frontend but dispense with the dishonest better-than-thou marketing.

        Is it possible to use as a library or only though RPC?

        Only through RPC.

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      “Wait, that doesn’t seem to make sense, hasn’t Tornado been around forever?”

      goes to search “tornado bittorrent”

      Yeah, BitTornado. It may be ancient but I think this is a really bad name. You can’t just make a second BitTorrent Client also called Tornado…