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I’d like to have an icon next to story titles indicating whether a story has text (like this one). I think this would encourage people to add summaries (esp of video content) and start conversations.

@jcs likes the idea, but we’re a bit stumped on how to indicate it. The PR previously included a pilcrow (¶) but it was visually heavy. I just updated it to use a vertical ellipsis ︙, but other ideas include footnote symbols *, †, ‡, §, the I Ching trigram for heaven ☰ (because it looks like lines of text or a hamburger menu), or the taco emoji (this was jcs’s idea, stop him before he kills again).

Please suggest alternatives (doesn’t have to be a unicode character, any way of indicating a story has text) or share your opinion.

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    And a comment for my personal opinion - I like vertical ellipsis and would merge this as-is.

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      +1 for ?

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        … What character is that? Missing-character glyph in Chrome on OS X. :)

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        I admit to being sometimes puzzled by stories that start with"tldr" and not knowing if that’s the lobsters summary or article text.

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          As an Elmer-season proposal, may I suggest that articles which have Lobsters descriptions put the start of those descriptions, rather than the start of the target page, as the text in the home and recent listings?

          That’s still compatible with having a word or icon to denote which it is, of course. So the bike-shedding doesn’t need to stop. :)

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            I like the vertical ellipsis a lot, but I actually like the pilcrow better. Not sure why everyone seems to hate it so much (not just in relation to this, but hatred of the pilcrow in general).

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              I think because filling in the P is so visually heavy that it draws the eye from anywhere on the page.

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                Ah, ok, fair enough. :)

                EDIT: U+2630 to U+2637 look like good characters for a description, IMHO. I would probably go with U+2636 (☶) if it were me, since it looks like a header with a description below.

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                  Really like U+2636 suggestion as it’s the only character that feels like it describes having a description

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                    +1 on that character, vertical ellipsis is used in other UIs for menus.

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              I don’t know how common this is for the titles seen in lobsters, but what about a regular ellipsis? Perhaps it would need to be slightly different color (visited blue perhaps) if you’re concerned about distinguishing it a little from the title.