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      On the “not keeping your password list on a cloud” front, I use KeePassXC and Keepass2Android with SyncThing for automatic local syncing, and it’s been good. I keep a (password protected) key file which isn’t synced, and then sync the keepass database file via SyncThing.

      There’s still the possibility of the database files getting out of sync if I don’t let my phone and my laptop sync for too long (I don’t do the “global” SyncThing syncing so they have to be on the same WiFi network). This has happened to me once or twice, but KeePass’s automatic merging feature has handled these cases fine.

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        I love syncthing. But I couldn’t find an iOS client so I had to look for something else. 🤷‍♂️

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          Ah, I didn’t know they didn’t do iOS. That’s a shame.

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      Does anyone here use Bitwarden? I didn’t know about it, but it looks really attractive.

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        Yes, it’s awesome. It’s also the only password manager that has a Firefox for Android extension (to my knowledge).

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        Yes. It has some rough edges – I wish syncing was better – but it’s working great.

        My syncing issue has to do with the fact that everything has its own copy the data: desktop app, mobile app, browser plugins, etc. When you make a change they do not sync between them all immediately. You can have a Bitwarden app or plugin that is days behind so you have to go to settings and do a manual sync. Very annoying, but not a deal breaker.

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          I use the venerable pass. It has none of this mobile mumbojumbo or autosync frills the kids today are talking about.

          It’s so simple and lean, I never thought pass git pull would be annoying.

          I would appreciate a mobile UI sometimes, though. A Sailfish client. But that’s not a dealbreaker either.

          Maybe I could hook the missus up with Rubywarden, though. Pass would be too much for her.

          Addendum: There appears to be a QML frontend on OpenRepos. Found through storeman. Not a complete client but have to give it a spin :)

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            There is definitely a pass app for android. I’m not sure about iOS.

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            As someone who uses a mobile and two desktops, having passwords being synced across devices is a must-have. It’s just too much of a pain to remember to copy new passwords from my phone to machine A, then B, and vice-versa.

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              Home desktop, work desktop, work laptop, work macOS laptop and hopefully soon two Sailfish mobiles running pass.

              Made git pull a habit, not a chore, but ymmv.

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        yeah, it’s open source and possible to run self-hosted as well.

        check out the discussion from a topic from a few days ago, id just be copying from there:

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      I’ve used passwordstore (https://www.passwordstore.org/) together with Keybase (https://keybase.io/) for a long time now. My ~/.password-store is symlinked to /keybase/private/my-user. Pretty happy with that setup.