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      I love the note on discontinuing Ultrix support: “the last release was in 1995.” 28 years of Perl support for an obsolete platform is quite different from the compatibility guarantees of more “modern” languages…

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        Yeah and this is a large part of why I’m writing my personal Gemini & Web server thing in Perl 5. It’s far from my favourite language, but lets me be a lot more flexible in choice of development and deployment OS.

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        I wonder when someone tried actually building it on ultrix the last time or did they actually have a CI build for that?

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      Does this mean that they are deprecating the switch statement? I wasn’t quite sure about the deprecation on that.

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        Sure looks like it


        Other ways to implement switch in Perl:


        IMHO, switch is the ugly stepchild of decision functions. It sure feels like it’s something that’s been around since ALGOL and has simply been re-implemented in subsequent languages by force of habit.

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      I wish they would do something slick and increment the version number to something other than 5.x. Or even rename the language to ‘perl5’ v38 or something like that. I know it is dumb to wish for that, but I so want to forget perl6…

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        Peel 7 will probably happen eventually, but given that a release manager burned out pushing for it a couple of years ago, it won’t happen until there’s better consensus of what Perl 7 does and doesn’t involve.