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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Starting my parental leave! 6 weeks. Jeeze. I’ve never taken longer than 2 weeks off at a time from a job… I’m sure the baby will take up most of that time, but it’s still weird to think about. My brain is acting like it does when I leave a job for good right now 😅.

    So weekend will probably be baby and coming to grips with my new reality.

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      Another new dad gave me the advice to not expect any projects to get done and to take as many pictures as possible. He was right on both counts.

      It’s a blur and you’re so glad you can jog the memory of those special times.

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        I can fully believe both of those things! We have been taking innumerable pictures already, and I haven’t done much when she’s asleep other than also sleep, or play minecraft so I can pause at the drop of a hat to help her. Going to be very interesting to see how my brain handles these 6 weeks…

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      I’m building an illustration agency for robot brains. I call it “illubots”.

      Like a normal illustration agency, but all images are done by artificial intelligence. And each “robot” has its own style.

      I have 3 robots up now. We are on Instagram and Twitter:



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        Portal 2 is on Games with Gold (free games with Xbox Game Pass) today. We have a three-day weekend because a rich old lady died and so I am planning on spending a lot of time playing it (I played the first one on a housemate’s Xbox 360 way back in the distant past but have never played the second one).

        And this has just reminded me that I should install it now so that it’s ready when I finish work…

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          Long weekend here in the UK due to Queen’s old rich lady’s[^1] funeral Monday.

          Continuing with house renovations, need to get two coats of paint on the walls and ceiling in ; and given the extra Lizzy day, possibly even get the flooring laid as well. Potentially start moving in next week, exciting.

          Also doing a sprint triathlon on Sunday, which has been delayed since pre-COVID and hopefully picking up a new phone as well.

          [^1]: Hattip to @david_chisnall 😜

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            Job hunting. I’ve been quite dissatisfied with my current workplace lately. Sigh.

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              Also job hunting. And fixing a toilet :-/ (that shouldn’t take too long)

              I have yet to finish either Divinity :Original Sin or D:OS 2, so I may give one or both of them a spin again. I have an incessant desire to experiment with different builds for the character classes.

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              Well my cat is in the vet hospital being hypoglycemic, so… I guess I’ll take things one day at a time.

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                Wishing you and your cat well!

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                I’m working on a small service to handle CSP (Content Security Policy) reports. They seem to be tricky enough that lots of people ignore them, so I thought there was an opportunity to do something useful. It also means I am probably going to have to start contacting people to see who might be interested and get some feedback.

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                  Preparation for a housewarming party next weekend!

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                    Going go karting with friends and working on something like naersk for OCaml projects built with ocaml-monorepo because I want to deploy a service I wrote in OCaml to my new rpi and I always have a hard time remembering how to use switches and those yarn2nix like tools whenever I come back to them after not using them for a while.

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                      I’m doing response analysis for the Code & Supply Compensation Survey. We had nearly 800 responses to the third iteration and I’m looking forward to writing up the report. This is an all-volunteer effort! Our 2020 edition was praised as being the quality of a full-time, dedicated HR analytics firm so we’ve got a high bar to exceed.

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                        Finishing touches on an idle/incremental game, and then working on my next project. The eglot Emacs LSP library looks cleaner than LSP.el, but it only supports one server per file. So I’m going to try to write a “server” that basically muxes a bunch of other servers together.

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                          Plumbing some JSON deserialization parameter binding into our web framework.

                          And unfortunately, building a powerpoint.

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                            Now moving my game development learning towards Tiled to utilize a faster way to design maps. I have a sense of the game I’d like to make and now already want to design some aspects in a GUI so I can work with prototyping a bit faster.

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                              Trying to repair the back cover of my PowerBook 1400’s display. It’s in a clamp with strategically applied JBWeld right now. Damn Spindlerplastic.

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                                I’m working on the redesign of my personal website: https://scastiel.dev. I finally shipped it and am pretty proud of it! I still need to fix some issues.

                                I might also work on my current side project, a job board for developers in Montreal: https://www.montrealdeveloperjobs.com

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                                  I’ve been trying to get back into making some tech related content, at the moment mainly on my recentish YouTube Channel. I might try stream a little dev work on some image segmentation models if I can find some time to do it.

                                  Other than that juggling the mix of winding down a startup and applying for jobs for the first time in a long time.