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    I used a similar setup to run Mathematica a few years back in my last year of university. It was fine on desktop, but tended to heat up the laptop a bit too much so I switched to sympy+jupyter for algebraic manipulation on the go.

    How’s the performance for electron based apps? I’d imagine it’d have similar issues.

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      Looking at the author’s old post about Signal, I’m curious what the issues are with using Session for this…

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        Author here. The reason is simple, and one that plagues every alternative messenger out there: crowd adoption. If your friends aren’t on it — what’s the point?

        As it stands, getting “on” Session is somewhat harder for the layman than Signal, owing to its use of alphanumeric “hashes” to identify people. My mom will be thoroughly confused if I ask her to “copy that string, paste it in Session and then start messaging me”. On Signal, it’s simply “search for my contact name and message me”.

        Until named addresses come about, Signal is where it’s at. And even then, I don’t think I want to go about convincing everyone I text to move to Session. It was hard enough to do once, heh.

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          I don’t think I want to go about convincing everyone I text to move to Session. It was hard enough to do once, heh.

          Which is why you shouldn’t do it for Signal. Wait for something worth sticking with.

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            Indeed. This is the reason I have never installed signal, or any other silo’d messaging app. No matter how good it seems, I don’t want to be trapped there.

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              Too late.

              It’s still massively better than what came before it.

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                WhatsApp was massively better than SMS as well, look where that got us.

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                  The vast majority of people still use the default messaging apps on their phones (or WeChat). If the goal is mass adoption, it’s not too late to change course at all.

                  In fact the existence of countries that are U.S. adversaries means Signal will never be truly universal the way SMS, MMS, XMPP, and email are.

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                  The problem with “waiting” is I stick to WhatsApp, which is a hard no for me.

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                    That’s fair, I just use SMS with my carrier’s web texting interface. Signal and Telegram are both better than WhatsApp if you ignore adoption; Telegram has more adoption than Signal if the goal is to avoid bugging people to install an app.

                    DeltaChat is also great I would honestly just use that, unless it’s harder to set up or something (don’t know, could be even easier).

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                  IIRC session does have named addresses but it’s based on the naming system lokinet uses, which means buying their crypto coins to set it up.

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                    I was wondering about this; had a suspicion there was an eye-rolling solution and sure enough…

                    I guess people could mine for addresses, as Facebook did for their TOR onion address (see Wikipedia). But it’s probably hard to do on a smartphone.

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                    First tip, never use the word ‘string’ when talking to a non programmer, there are plenty of better words like: ‘phone number’, ‘id’, ‘unique code’

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                      Nice! Thanks for sharing.