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Original title: “Denne kræsjede skjermen på Peppes´Pizza viser en log over alle gjestene deres, med beskrivelser.”

Google Translation: “This crispy screen on Peppes’Pizza shows a log of all their guests, with descriptions.”

Related Tweet: https://twitter.com/GambleLee/status/862307447276544000


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    The next step could be advertising networks that aggregate data across stores, as in “customer f5d9ad in front of screen 3, seen earlier today looking at shop window of $erotic_store for 23 seconds, walking by $liquor_store, buying $foo at $bar, …”

    Or is this already happening, too?

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      It probably is yeah. The data is the product for a lot of companies.

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        There’s some research into this and I remember one paper about using free open store wifi which many devices connect to automatically to track where people walk when they enter a store.

        Here’s an article that’s similar but not quite what I’m talking about: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/datablog/2014/jan/10/how-tracking-customers-in-store-will-soon-be-the-norm

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          They’re doing it on the web; might as well do it in meatspace too.

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          It’s probably more common than people realize. December last year in Poland a customer noticed a facial recognition system in the ‘Żabka’ market chain. They use it to gather statistics on customer age and gender or that’s what they publicly claimed after getting exposure in media.

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            A correction to the Google Translation listed above, it shoud be “crashed” not “crispy”:

            This crashed screen at Peppes’Pizza shows a log of all their guests, with descriptions.