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    I hope someone finds this useful and I’d love some feedback on the article as a whole. I’m just getting my blog / blogging together and I’m open to critiques of from my writing to the technical content, etc.

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      Good article - Thanks. My observation, is that if any of the interfaces change the article will become obsolete - but the principles behind it should remain so maybe focussing on that side of the content would be more valuable long term.

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      Nice walkthrough. Is there a way to do all that UI-based form-filling via API calls? Even though presumably you only do it once per blog, it’d be cool to have a YAML (or better: TOML) file that defines (almost?) everything. Can something like Terraform do this (might be overkill).

      One thing that would help would be to highlight in the screentshot the form fields that the reader would be changing vs. what they’d leave alone. Especially for that huge CloudFront form.

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        Close to 100% of this — if not 100% — should be automatable! Amazon has a looooot of APIs.

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          The only thing you probably can’t automate is getting the ACM certificate. Everything else can be achieved through the command line, although it might not be as straight-forward as clicking a couple of buttons. For example, here’s how you can programatically create a CloudFront distribution:


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            Since it’s AWS, I’m absolutely sure its possible to do entirely in API calls. Just a matter of looking up the APIs and/or using your aws library of choice. It would be very neat to have a simple one-shot end-to-end setup scripted up. Maybe a follow up post!

            Good point on that. I called out only the fields I changed as bullet points under that section, but point well taken. It would be a lot nicer to only see the differences.


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              I had been working on a system to do this for LetsEncrypt before ACM was launched and have almost all of the code done and working. If you(or anyone else) wants to take some of it or modify it to do this I’d be happy to help with pointers or code(it’s all python + boto3).