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    There are a few things to look out for. In particular, overridePackages doesn’t work anymore – it has been replaced by overlays:


    Cross-compilation has also been overhauled and basically native compilation is no longer special, it’s just a cross-compile with identical build and host. Ok, I lied, but they’re getting there. Only a few quirks left. .nativeDrv and .crossDrv are on their way out, as is the stdenv.cross attribute.


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      I used the new cross-compilation stuff a few months ago. It was useful!

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        Cool! What did you do?

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          Almost got Emacs cross-compiled to Windows - got all the dependencies going but had Emacs specific problems.

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            For Windows? That’s unexpected and cool.

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        You barely interact with systemd, why does it matter? The whole point of nixOS is to abstract that part away.

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          But it’s not completely abstracted away. A lot of NixOS' services have systemd specific configuration. We should go further so that people can replace systemd with whatever they like.

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            I’ve been using it on my work computer, it’s pretty nice, but just because you cant see systemds warts doesnt mean they arent there