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    The old, slow version of Firefox and Python 3.5 make me think “missed it by that much” in a Maxwell Smart voice.

    Then again, unrushed stability is what Debian aims for and it doesn’t take Docker to run newer versions on Debian.

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      When you freeze all the world’s software at one point in time, there’s going to be a lot of projects whose amazing new version, which is better in every way, just barely were released too late to be a part of that snapshot. That’s why I love rolling distributions; you have the latest and greatest within days or hours of release. It’s also why I respect Debian; there is no rush, and you don’t have to deal with the new bugs introduced by the latest and greatest version of everything. Something missed the window by a couple of weeks? No worries, it’ll be in the next version in a couple of years’ time. It’s comforting to have such a stable system for servers or devices which just have to exist and not break for a long time, with only backported security fixes to worry about.

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      Even though I only run Debian stable on one rarely-used system these days, all of my Linux use continues to be Debian-derived in some way (mostly Ubuntu Server and Linux Mint). Like @mjtorn I have nothing but respect for their commitment to stability even if once in a while you have to install a newer version yourself in a manner that takes a little extra effort.

      Extra tip of the hat to improvements in security, reliability and infrastructure that don’t show up in desktop userland, but make everyone’s life better, even if we never recognize it. Things like reproducible builds don’t matter right up until the moment they do, and then you’re glad as hell you have them even if it feels like a “dammit why I can’t just install this!?” situation in the moment. Better that than being exploited via your package manager.

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        If anyone wants to test/use Stretch for vagrant dev, we (Koalephant) have i386 and amd64 boxes up on Atlas for VirtualBox and Parallels.

        I’m looking into providing the same builds for Hyper-V and VMWare based platforms too, so let me know if you’d find either of those useful!


        Apologies if anyone feels this is off-topic/opportunistic - AFAIK all other Debian 9 boxes on Atlas target Virtualbox only, and while projects like Boxcutter (which we forked from) do support Parallels/etc, they aren’t always the quickest to produce new boxes.

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          No more iceweasel.

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                Even better is to use Mozilla’s apt repository for their builds.

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              About what I expect from a Debian release. Nothing too exciting from a user perspective, but some cool stuff going on for infra and desktop.

              The reproducible build stuff is really cool, but I doubt most people will notice.

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                I had problems with my Ubuntu installation at work, so this morning I took 45 minutes to install Debian. So far so good: printers work, external monitor detected without any xrandr magic, etc. I’m pretty amazed that in 45-50 minutes I had a new OS and I was back to being productive, but without the little pains I had with Ubuntu.