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    Favorite line so far:

    FATAL << "strdup failed, call the cops"

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      I’m always looking for a cross-compiling system for building macOS executables from Linux, either as a single static executable, or as a self-contained relocatable bundle of (interpreter + libraries + user code entrypoint), because getting legal Mac build workers is such a pain.

      The best toolkit I’ve found, by far, is golang Where you just GOOS=darwin go build .... There are a variety of more-or-less hacky solutions in the Javascript ecosystem, and a few projects for Python, but for Ruby this area is sorely lacking.

      I mention this because while XAR looks like an awesome way to distribute software bundles, I still need to figure out a way to do nice cross-compiles if I’m going to use it to realistically target both macOS and Linux.

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        Tell me about it. I’ve tried cross compiling Rust from Linux to OSX and it was just a saga of hurt from start to finish.

        For Go, did you need to jump through the hoops of downloading an out-of-date Xcode image, extracting the appropriate files and compiling a cross-linker? Or is that mysteriously handled for you by the Go distribution itself?

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          You literally just run GOOS=<your target os> GOARCH=<your target architecture> go build. No setup needed. Here’s the vars go build inspects.

          It’s frustrating trying to do similar in compiles languages, and then interpreted languages with native modules are even worse.

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            Go basically DIYs the whole toolchain and directly produces binaries. That has pros and cons, but means it can cross-compile without needing any third-party stuff like the Xcode images. For example it does its own linking, so it doesn’t need the Xcode / LLVM linker to be installed for cross-compilation to Mac.

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            AFAICT, XAR still doesn’t include the Python interpreter, so it’s not completely independent?

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              No reason you can’t put a whole virtualenv, python interpreter and all, into your XAR. XAR can pack anything.

              You still need a tool to prepare that virtualenv so that you can pack it, and that’s the sort of tool I struggle to find - cross-compiling a venv, or equivalent in other languages.

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                I think most OSS work uses the Mac builders on Travis CI for building mac binaries.

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                  Yes, exactly. I am less interested in different formats and more in a tool to create them. The ease of doing that with Go is the target.

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                    The ease of doing that with Go is the target.

                    By this you mean, you’re looking for a solution for Python packaging that makes it as easy as Go to distribute universally?

                    I used this once before to take some code I wrote for Linux (simple cli with some libraries - click, fabric, etc.) and release it for Windows: http://www.py2exe.org/index.cgi/Tutorial

                    The Windows users on my team used the .exe file and it actually worked. It was a while back but I remember that it was straightforward.