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What’s the word on submissions in other languages than english? Is it strictly forbidden, or is a small amount of such submissions admissible?

I’m asking because my local university has just had a conference on ai (Mostly vulgarization) and I felt like it could be interesting to submit, but since the uni in question is the university of Montreal, the conference was in french.


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    I think the barrier is high enough that such submissions are not very useful. Assuming a tag is introduced for them I intend to hide it immediately.

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      Personally I think this is a good idea - it probably needs a tag of language other than English so that it can be easily filtered.

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        Yes, good thinking. Having tags for individual languages probably isn’t necessary yet, but a single catch-all “Non-English” (or similar) tag should suffice for now at least.

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        I’ll go ahead with it then! I believe a “non-english” tag could be a great idea, it would give me an actual reason to practice some of the languages I’ve learned.

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          I say, just go for it! Machine translation is quite good these days, anyway.

          The voting and comments be very instructive, regardless.

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            I’m for it as well, assuming we get a tag to mark those posts as in a language other than English. (And maybe then Lobsters could include a link alongside those posts to some machine translation service?)

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              I am in favour of it. Might want to warn that the information isn’t in English, but I see no reason to not post it.

              Also, hi from Mtl too.

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                I just use web translation services to read articles that aren’t in english. It isn’t perfect, but I can at least get the gist of something.

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                  That would need to be parallel, and not mixed with the regular stream, as I see it.

                  However I’m all for some language diversity, being a polyglot. It just takes some effort to do this properly.