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    I still have a G4 Cube, kind of. I turned it into a pen holder.

    It’s still gorgeous.

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      Wow. They’re under £100 on eBay now. I wanted one of those so badly when they came out but they were so far out of my student budget that they might as well have been a Cray. It was a mass-market version of the NeXT Cube (which I still kind-of want, even though I’d never actually use it now). The article criticises it as only selling 150,000 units, but that’s more than three times the number of machines NeXT sold in total. That’s a huge success: this wasn’t a Mac, this was the last NeXT machine.

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        Jobs’s speaking style in this interview sounds positively Tr**pian.

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          I thought the same thing. Jobs was certainly a narcissist. I wonder why that sort of behavior is so compelling for people to follow. Now that I can recognize it, it makes me feel sick to my stomach and I am repulsed.