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Feel free to post your current setup/battlestation/screenshots!

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    Battlestation (with screenshot):



    • Kinesis Advantage keyboard
    • Lenovo X1 Extreme 2nd gen
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      Wow! What a beautiful environment to hack in <3

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        You’re welcome to co-work anytime: https://zen-temple.net/lambda-zen-temple/introduction/

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        And you even have a real shack that you could paint or go to to run away from the internet :)

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          There was quite some painting going on at the house - all the outside surfaces have been redone for example^^

          The shak is for storing 6.5 qm^3 of local wood for the fireplaces, though:

          In summer, when it’s empty and raining outside, I do tend to sit inside it from time to time enjoy life with a cup of coffee and a good book^^

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          No MacBook anymore? ;D

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            Unfortunately, the last subjectively ‘good’ MBP was the 2015 model which broke down on me hard close to two years ago.

            Objectively speaking - or at least to the best of my knowledge, the new MBPs are not capable of running Linux due to loads of proprietary hardware.

            If only Apple still sold the 2015 model with a RAM, SSD and CPU upgrade, I’d still have a MBP and would have saved weeks of research and tinkering on slightly less differently proprietary hardware(;

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          • 2 × 24-inch 4K screens
          • Filco Majestouch Ninja 2 with GMK Plum keycaps and custom controller
          • Ryzen 9 3900X desktop (smaller box on right, bigger one is the i7-6700K box it replaced)


          • Arch Linux
          • Awesome WM
          • CLIon
          • Neovim in Alacritty
          • Firefox
          • zsh in Alacritty
          • rsfetch


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            Nice. What’s the font used for editing in CLion?

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              That’s PragmataPro Mono. Expensive, but insanely high-quality.

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                Yep perfect summary. It’s PragmataPro — expensive but can’t recommend enough.

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                  What are the differences in quality and experience between the PragmataPro font, and, say, Hack?

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                    Quality in a font is a little hard to describe but I’ll try: Extensive glyph coverage, no need to apply “powerline” and patches similar patches. Includes fonts with and without ligatures. Has ligatures for many programming character combinations.

                    Quality aside though. It’s the monospace font I find most visually pleasing.

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                      PragmataPro has many more glyphs than Hack (7000+ vs. 1500). PragmataPro supports ligatures if that’s your thing. (There are of course version with all ligatures disabled.)

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                      Is it substantially better than SF Mono?

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                        yes, it is.

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                      Looks a bit like IBM Plex or a variation of Input Mono.

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                    Did you do anything to improve the font rendering, or is this just the advantage of a 4k screen?

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                      No no tweaks that’s the stock config except for overrides to force PragmataPro for monospace.

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                    This was my home office for most of last year.

                    However, I have now decided to return to a life of living out of a suitcase and slowly travelling the world, writing Haskell on a Macintosh Book Air. I’m looking forward to when Fruit Company releases the new machines with the old keyboards, as I spilled a glass of exquisite Georgian red wine in my current machine and typing has become somewhat less ergonomic.

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                      Living the dream. I’d love to hear more about how you do this, since doing the same thing someday is on my bucket list.

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                        I started working remotely six years ago, and was working partly remotely for about 18 months prior. I always knew I wanted to work from home, and initially it was something I requested as part of the salary negotiation process. Us programmers have plenty of leverage in that regard.

                        All through my freelance/consulting years, I had to convince companies to let me work from home, and would pitch it as them getting more documentation — because communication should be mostly asynchronous, in written form — and also buying my services at a lower rate, since I don’t have to pay the extortionate costs of living in, e.g. London. Everyone wins.

                        I could have happily continued living in Poland by the beach, but visa issues with my partner (Russian) meant we would potentially be separated for a couple of months. Rather than endure the bitter Winter by the Baltic Sea alone, in February and March of 2018 we went and lived in Thailand. I then realised there’s no good reason for us to not continue floating around different countries that are more affordable and have a better climate. We went sailing in Greece in May, lived in Belgrade in June, Warsaw in July (not very original I guess; I’m half Polish), Ukraine for three months, and then a combination of London and Russia towards the holiday end of the year. At the end of 2018 I quit working for other people, and I have been focusing on my own projects since.

                        Travel plans for this year so far include Russia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Armenia (or perhaps Georgia), and Ukraine. My partner is a junior web developer, and she is now looking for her first remote job. All of my employees also work from wherever they want. If you’re curious about writing Haskell specifically: I don’t think anyone was going to hire me to do this. I had to start my own businesses, get funding, and build my own team of Haskell people.

                        Happy to answer most other questions you might have.

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                          Sounds amazing, your own Haskell business.

                          Care to elaborate more on what application domain you use Haskell for, if possible?

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                            All three businesses are web applications. One is in sales lead generation, one is in price comparison, and my primary focus is a marketplace product for the reinsurance industry. I’m using similar tech in all three: Yesod, PostgreSQL, Redis, NixOS, AWS.

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                              NixOS fits so well with Haskell ethos.

                              Very intereting to hear all this, thanks.

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                        fyi, instagram is not accessible to nojs

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                          I tried a display in portrait orientation briefly but I found that 16:9 was not a good aspect ratio because I had to look up too much. Granted that was a 27” display. I assume you don’t find this to be an issue?

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                            My display is pretty far away from my face & I have good vision, so I haven’t found that I need to move my head much. (My previous setup had these landscape in combination with 8pt font so I could get more vertical context but I found that I had a hard time reading it after six or seven hours of steady work; this was an improvement.)

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                              After trying a main portrait mode screen for some time I suspect my neck actually became strained because I was not turning my head horizontally enough. Not having to pan your head left and right might be quite unnatural.

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                              Ever get eye/neck strain from looking up and down the length of your display?

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                                My preferred setup is to have one screen in portrait and one in landscape. In some contexts, this has been laptop (landscape) + external display (portrait) but my current setup involves two identical displays, one in each orientation. I find that it works very well– especially when I am using one display to reference a PDF or website.

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                                  I have a 19’ portrait display for stuff that’s suits it (eg stacktraces, irc/slack/mattermost where fitting scrollback onscreen is handy) and a 32’ landscape display for things I’m constantly looking at.

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                                    I got a couple of monitor stands so that I could put mine in a portrait orientation too, but in the 2 or 3 years since getting them, I think I’ve done that once :(

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                                    Primary Battlestation

                                    Desktop converts from sitting to standing. It’s currently in standing mode. The whiteboard behind the monitor is only accessible in sitting mode.

                                    • 5-ish year-old Dell U3014 (30” 2560x1600)
                                    • Unremarkable speakers
                                    • Arduino mess from a toy project in progress
                                    • Logitech M570 trackball
                                    • Cougar tenkeyless keyboard with Cherry Blues

                                    Off frame to the bottom left is the thinkpad T480 driving the mess. To the right is an Ikea rack substitute with some infrastructure, some lab gear.


                                    KDE spin of Fedora 31, with kwin-tiling installed, using kitty as the terminal and running pycharm.

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                                      What’s your Arduino toy project? And thanks for sharing kwin-tiling, I might have to give it a go

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                                        Right now I have a drawer full of sensors, a display and a few other items that I haven’t got any documentation for. I’ve put together a skeletal tool using Arduino-CmdMessenger on the device side and python’s cmd library with the PyCmdMessenger library on the host side to get myself a shell that lets me try things out quickly without needing to wire up a pile of buttons on the device side or rebuild every time I want to try a different parameter. Code from a couple of days ago is here and probably makes the preceding explanation easier to understand.

                                        kwin-tiling is really striking the right balance for me. I hadn’t used plasma in years, and I’ve been surprised both how much I like it and how light weight it feels (on a 2018 laptop, granted).

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                                      I would share pictures but it feels too much like a e-peen flexing contest. I find these threads don’t encourage anything good, other than seeing other people who use minimal setups and are equally as effective as those with 3 screen setups.

                                      My work computer is a e403sa laptop. I bought it for $110 used. 10 hour battery life. 1080p screen. I’ve never paid over $150 for a computer. It has 4gb RAM, 128gb SSD, 4 cores. Of the 10+ years I’ve been doing software dev these specs, and less, have been ideal. If you are doing graphic design, game dev at an AAA company, etc, I can understand your needs are way different.

                                      I use a Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and mouse, because the keyboard is probably the best on the market for the best price. The scissor switches mean much less actuation force and the angled resting position is ideal.

                                      I use a random 1080p monitor, nothing special. With i3 there’s no need for multiple monitors. The rest of the software I use doesn’t matter. As long as people are automating parts of their tasks or workflows and actually get work done, that’s all that matters.

                                      I feel the best usecase for multiple monitors is if each monitor is assigned its own computer. Then if one ever hangs, you still have the other to work on while the other is busy killing processes or whatever.

                                      I think it would be cool to see what people would think is the ideal battlestation.

                                      For me: 4k 32 inch screen, a more powerful variant of my current laptop with an eGPU, and a variant of the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard but split/detached halves. To me this is perfect, as the screen can have at least 3 columns no problem, it can handle anything graphics intensive (game development) and it would be further ergonomic. It would be awesome if the laptop could have 64gb memory.

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                                        Work desktop (from this blog post):

                                        • Dell P2715Q
                                        • Ryzen 1600X
                                        • Ergodox EZ with a Colemak based layout (see layout here).
                                        • Logitech MX Ergo (went through a lot of different mice, this one is so far the least annoying)
                                        • A bespoke stand to raise my mouse, consisting of an old National Geographic and a spare mouse pad
                                        • Ikea Galant desk with a motor. I switch between standing and sitting every now and then, but I generally prefer sitting


                                        • Arch Linux
                                        • Cinnamon
                                        • NeoVim using the neovim-qt client
                                        • Firefox
                                        • Fish shell, usually running inside a NeoVim terminal (though I use GNOME terminal for quick/one-off tasks)

                                        I also have an X1 Carbon 7th generation (the one in the photo is my old 3rd generation laptop), and a separate desktop for playing video games on Windows. The Windows desktop also uses an Ergodox EZ, with this layout.

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                                            Main Workstation

                                            • OS: 64bit Mac OS X 10.13.3c 17D47
                                            • Kernel: x86_64 Darwin 17.4.0
                                            • Shell: zsh 5.6.2
                                            • Resolution: 3440x1440 | 3440x1440 | 1920x1080
                                            • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz
                                            • GPU: MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC
                                            • RAM: 64GB
                                            • Keyboard: Redragon Kumara with Cherry Reds
                                            • Mouse: Corsair Harpoon RGB
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                                              Not sure where to look. I get itchy having more than 5 tabs open, let alone that many screens begging for my attention. Kudos to you for being able to handle all that.

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                                                I’m with you; most of the time I’m fine hacking on my little MacBook Air, and I generally use things in full screen mode.

                                                • Work: MBP 15”
                                                • Personal Travel/Bumming Around: MBA (Retina 2019)
                                                • Personal Home: MBP 15” (2012)

                                                my home machine is the only one with two monitors, and they are:

                                                • a 25” that only displays code
                                                • the 15” that only displays Slack & Chrome
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                                                I’m actually most impressed by the soundproofing setup you have, although I get the impression that it’s meant to kill echos for videoconferencing, rather than mute outside noises, right?

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                                                  Correct, the setup is meant to kill echos. Soundproofing to mute outside noise is significantly more difficult and costly but I eventually want to get there.

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                                                I’m still on break, so you get a rare peek at the setup at my parents’ house. Screenshot of EXWM, Firefox, radare2, and a regular ol’ Emacs buffer.

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                                                  • 3x24” 1920x1200 screens
                                                  • Custom built machines (nas on the left, workstation to the right)
                                                  • Bonus: a wild cat appears!


                                                  • Archlinux
                                                  • Wingo window manager
                                                  • vim
                                                  • Firefox
                                                  • zsh and Alacritty with tmux everywhere
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                                                    • iMac
                                                    • iPad Pro
                                                    • MacBook Air

                                                    Not shown:

                                                    • iPhone Xs
                                                    • Blue jeans
                                                    • Black turtleneck


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                                                      Blue jeans

                                                      Black turtleneck

                                                      Are you doing this without coercion? Blink twice for no ;)

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                                                        I blinked. Can’t say how many times, though.

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                                                      • Dell XPS 13
                                                      • Infinity Ergodox
                                                      • CST LaserTrac trackball
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                                                        Ever heard of diminish?

                                                        1. 1

                                                          Thank you for the suggestion. I have not, but I also have no recollection of ever consciously looking at the modeline either, so *shrug*, I guess?

                                                          1. 2

                                                            No problem, a few people I know always complained that they mode line was too cluttered, but not all of them knew about diminish, since it isn’t built in.

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                                                        • A lobster that is incapable of taking a good photograph
                                                        • Corsair K70 keyboard - I swap between this and a Unicomp Model M whenever I feel like it. I used to have a Pok3r and a custom Planck that I sold (which I regret a lot), and I am currently planning on designing and building my own.
                                                        • Logitech G402 Mouse - I broke it while cleaning it a couple of years ago and I keep meaning to get a new one.
                                                        • Cheap Xiaomi Tablet - It’s probably full of Chinese spyware, and I can’t unlock the bootloader to flash anything else on, but it’s nice for reading and watching videos.

                                                        Desktop Screenshot

                                                        • Gentoo Linux
                                                        • Xfce
                                                        • Emacs - I use the default colourscheme because I can easily tell everything apart. I like the Eclipse IDE for this reason too.
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                                                          Cool, you don’t really see that many Gentoo users, how is it like on a day to day basis? Also, what font are you using in Emacs?

                                                          1. 1

                                                            I really like it. Everything just works and there’s a really helpful community.

                                                            The font is Fantasque Sans Mono which I started using after seeing somebody else here with it.

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                                                          Battlestation and screenshots
                                                          • MacBook Pro 15”
                                                          • LG 25UM58
                                                          • Plack with SA Pulse Rams keycaps


                                                          • NeoVim
                                                          • Kitty
                                                          • Safari
                                                          • Fish
                                                          • Spotify


                                                          1. 2



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                                                              Awesome! What led you to build your own Neovim client?

                                                              1. 3

                                                                I wanted something that started up faster, had a no nonsense UI and ligature support. The alternatives didn’t meet my needs so I started to build one and have been iterating on it since

                                                              2. 1

                                                                That’s the first post that makes the word “battlestation” sound “too modest” :P

                                                                1. 1

                                                                  Yay \o/ A fellow Model 01 user!
                                                                  I have mine at work… but I’m awfully tempted to get another for home.

                                                                  1. 1

                                                                    doooo it. Its an amazing board. And having a symmetrical setup at home and work means customization carries over :)

                                                                2. 1

                                                                  These are a bit old, but they’re still pretty close to what I’m rolling with now: https://timetoplatypus.com/screenshots.html

                                                                  I’m pretty into the Tron palette/theme…

                                                                  1. 1

                                                                    I dual-screen with an iPad Pro and Mac Pro at my main desk. Here’s screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/fAzaxxC

                                                                    1. 1


                                                                      • 28” Samsung LU28E85KRS
                                                                      • Custom PC with i7 6700K, 40GB RAM, Samsung 960 EVO 500GB SSD
                                                                      • HyperX HX-KB1BL1-UK Alloy Keyboard
                                                                      • Lenovo Yoga tablet for watching streams (bonus reflection of me)
                                                                      • Acer Chromebook purely for hangouts/zoom/skype

                                                                      Using Gnome 3 on Debian Unstable. Firefox, Chromium, Sublime, Terminator

                                                                      1. 1

                                                                        Here’s my battle station which is basically my entire apartment. I live here with my girlfriend and work from home 2/5 days a week.

                                                                        I triple boot each on a separate SSD. Ubuntu 19.04 for work, Hackintosh High Sierra for general use/side project programming and Windows 10 for games.

                                                                        My Specs: Displays: One 1440p 27” Monitor, and a 1920x1200 24” monitor I got from Value Village for $10.

                                                                        GPU: GTX 1070

                                                                        CPU: Ryzen 2600x

                                                                        RAM: 24Gb DDR4 3000Mhz

                                                                        1. 1

                                                                          Here’s mine.

                                                                          The battlestation itself is aging, but I have absolutely zero excuse to update it. i7-4790k running at its’ standard 4GHz can’t be beat by much by almost anything I could reasonably afford today, a nVidia 980 Ti could be beat, but since I don’t really have time for gaming and I don’t do mining (knowingly), it’s perfectly fine. It’s all stuck into a Silverstone Grandia HTPC desktop case, CPU cooled with water, and a few SSDs and an old spinny disk for some media. I have two keyboards: a Corsair one (with cherry mx red switches) but it has a German layout. So I also have a Matthias Quiet Pro with UK layout, but the “E” key is sticky and sometimes repeats, and Enter is sometimes not picking up the press at first. I’ve talked to support, they said “press it down hard and wobble it around a few times” - that helped but I have to repeat it every few days. I like the keyboard, but with those issues it’s practically useless. But it’s only a few months old so I don’t have the heart to throw it away just yet.

                                                                          No screenshot to show at the moment, just imagine your standard Gnome on Ubuntu LTS (that I plan to replace with Fedora maybe), Terminator split up once vertically and right pane horizontally, Webstorm, Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird and Darktable. Maybe other things occassionally.

                                                                          P.S. I know it’s not a picture nor a thousand words, consider the description a 320x240px pic :)

                                                                          1. 1

                                                                            4 screens, macbook pro 15 inch https://imgur.com/CdnZCNF A bunch of stuff open, tmux, vim, sublime, firefox, web-ext. Parallels with my localhost server stuff running.

                                                                            1. 1
                                                                              1. 1

                                                                                Home Battlestation (terrible picture, sorry hahaha)

                                                                                • Ryzen 3900X and GTX 2070S, 32GB RAM
                                                                                • After a long time with 3 screens I downgraded to 2 and then 1. I feel like it helps me focus a lot more.
                                                                                • NIU40 ortho keyboard with Aqua Zilents 62g with a custom layout, keycaps are stolen from a filco majestouch while waiting for my SA Granite set
                                                                                • Also shown, my work laptop, a dell XPS 13”
                                                                                • Music setup: Arturia Minilab mkII, KRK RoKit 5 monitors, audio technica LP120XUSB turntable
                                                                                • Some electronics lab equipment, Rigol DS1054, hakko soldering iron, a generic power supply

                                                                                This desktop has double boot with Windows (playing, music prod) and NixOS. The screenshot is not from this desktop as I’ve recently set it up and it isn’t still the way I want it, the end goal is more like the setup at my work laptop:

                                                                                • i3 with custom keybinds (closer to home row)
                                                                                • emacs with evil mode (love vim, but hate vimscript)
                                                                                • fish shell in Kitty terminal
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