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    Hey, if we’re shilling for our own projects… - I haven’t used this in a while, but it scratched the itch I had - I didn’t want the effort of static sites, but I didn’t want the bloat of a CMS either - this is stick Markdown files in a directory and forget.

    It also uses Web Forms, causing any MVC users in the vicinity to faint. Yay for ugly hacks!

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      Hahaha, ugly indeed, but good on you for doing it anyway. Maybe you should update it as an exercise. Or perhaps you might be interested in that “grav” project linked not long ago. I’m assuming you didn’t learn the MVC ways, since this was updated a couple years ago, long after WebForms were declared a Bad Idea ™

      Do you host a site with it somewhere currently?

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        If I remember, when I did it, MVC was very immature on Mono. You can tell though, I came from a mix of WinForms and the classical CGI style dump scripts in a directory over the recommended practice of web apps as servers themselves.

        Full bloated CMSes don’t interest me… with the exception of SharePoint, which has its own charm. I don’t host anything using it right now.

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      it’s refreshing to have a compiler actually tell me when something’s wrong, instead of just randomly blowing up in certain situations.

      My favourite part.

      Overall though, I wonder why you are changing your website so muhch. Sounds a little counter productive.