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    I was thinking of posting this here, but felt it was pretty Rust specific.

    Also, hi Anish! How are things going these days? (I hosted Anish as an intern on Android, he did great work on line breaking)

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      it was pretty Rust specific

      FWIW deep dives on any technical topic are considered on-topic here, so post to your heart’s content. ❤

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        That’s even without mentioning Rust specifically as one of the most frequent recurrent topics on lobste.rs.

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          Yeah. But even if it was a deep dive on how, say, MUMPS on the IBM System/360 passed arguments between procedures or did register allocation or something, we’d still be glad to see it. ❤

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            Someone please write this

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        He also has interesting projects on his site. Plus, a great explanation for why people use LaTeX over alternatives in this post.