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    I wish all of Martin’s pages were dated, because this is from ~2004 (earlier, really) and this concept forms the basis of current Microservices principles. I don’t think Martin gets enough credit for how much current practice is based on his writings.

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      Indeed. Rails picked up pretty much its entire design from Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. Aside from interviews where DHH has said this, he contributed back redrawings of those patterns that are still on this site. And then Rails strongly influenced the majority of web frameworks created since.

      (if anyone wonders about seeing “Rails” and “enterprise” in the same sentence: the book is a catalog, DHH picked the simplest patterns that were labeled as good for prototypes or as stepping stones to more reliable patterns.)

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        Further discussion here.

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      In https://martinfowler.com/bliki/IntegrationDatabase.html it is mentioned that integration database should be avoided. If it is the case, I guess, that applications should have a way to communicate