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Links from within story:

EDIT: apparently fixed in macOS Catalina betas h/t @GeoffWozniak


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    Why reproduce the links in the story here? They are clearly visible in the Slashdot blurb, and frankly are more meritorious of submission than the “I noticed this doesn’t work” kind of submission to Slashdot.

    Furthermore, the claim seems to be false, according to the Github issue that is linked. (See the update at the end of the first comment.)

    The one comment in the StackOverflow question seems to be wrong, too, claiming about the Apple forum discussion “It has been actively removed and Apple is not willing to restore it.” Yet, clicking on the link, I’m able to read it.

    A cursory glance of the linked discussions shows that it’s not widespread and probably just the usual kind of bug that shows up. This is sensationalist and not worth anyone’s time.

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      Thanks, I updated the title and comment to reflect this bug has been fixed in the Catalina betas.