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      Always happy to see a textbook example of Poe’s law.

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        This isn’t the take I came into the comments for but it’s also apparently the best take I’ve ever read.

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        maybe we need a “fun-hack” tag to make it clearer to people that this is more a brain teaser than serious suggestion

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      It is exactly what curl does, with the argument, that git may not be the last VCS and that this would make a migration easier.

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        This really isn’t what curl does at all.

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          Thanks. I have understood my misinformation.

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            It would be fun if this was what curl does :)

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        This is something else.

        Today I’m taking this one step further, and I’m introducing a new concept: extremely linear git history.

        With our extremely linear history, the first commit in a repo hash a hash that starts with 0000000, the second commit is 0000001, the third is 0000002, and so on!