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    Noooo! They’ll kill it if it gets popular!

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      If you want all those great features on the web, try invidious. (not affiliated)

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        I have been looking to something similar for a while.

        I would like it to not show the video, just the audio… But it is already very good!

        edit: It is possible to do so in there. I haven’t found out a way to make it the default mode, though.

        edit 2: In the Preferences, there is a checkbox Listen by default. 🤦‍♂️

        Thank you!

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        Some of the NewPipe features really do look great, but this feels like a lot of gushing over a GUI on top of an actual platform. A nontrivial amount of the post could be distilled down to:

        NewPipe is great because it allows you to circumvent monetization for both the creators and their platform because I don’t agree with the platform’s price point (oh also, consider using a random 3rd party to donate what you feel is fair to the creators and not said platform).

        I’m not saying we should all shed a tear for Google’s lost revenue or anything, but is that really “the best of FOSS”?

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          Supporting creators directly almost always nets them 10x the revenue that you’d generate by pointing your eyeballs at ads, and it’s far less annoying for users, and far more personal and genuine for both parties.

          As for the platform, bandwidth isn’t cheap and that’s worth something. I hope that PeerTube continues to grow into a viable alternative.

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            Yep, I agree! Ads are inefficient and terrible for basically everyone involved (except for exchanges/brokers), which is why I almost always welcome a way to simply pay for services, especially ones I use all the time (like YouTube).

            Edit: Just to clarify, by the way, I think you make a lot of good points about what makes NewPipe great (and it does look great). I’m not trying to be Smart Negative Guy™, more just trying to think through the monetization side of things and how that relates to “the best of FOSS.” If we value free, open delivery of video with a great featureset, shouldn’t NewPipe just front PeerTube?

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              If we value free, open delivery of video with a great featureset, shouldn’t NewPipe just front PeerTube?

              We do value that, and for important reasons. However, this gets back to a point I made in the article:

              There are a lot of political and philosophical reasons to use & support free and open source software. Sometimes it’s hard to get people on board with FOSS by pitching them these first. NewPipe is a great model because it’s straight up better, and better for reasons that make these philosophical points obvious and poignant.

              People are already using YouTube, already follow their favorite creators there, and can use NewPipe to get a better experience using the platform and content they’re familiar with - and happen to a great introduction to why free software is important in so doing.

              Yes, the utopian ideal PeerTube represents is something to strive for and I hope that we get there (and will personally help where I can to get us there) - but it’s harder to understand why it’s important to someone who doesn’t already understand free software. PeerTube isn’t necessarily objectively better, either, there are still some streaming problems, it’s missing a lot of content creators, there’s little mobile support, etc. NewPipe, on the other hand, makes these arguments immediately self-evident and is a compelling piece of software in its own right.

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              The point with a lot of this is that it’s the creator that gets to choose how to get money. Like yeah “you’re choosing against your own interests” but the creator is choosing the terms, and I feel like it’s not really up to us to say “actually no I want your stuff but I refuse to look at the ads”

              I’d like to support creators directly, and would like for stuff to be easier for creators to survive. Just think respecting the creators choices are important as well

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              Do you consider ad blockers to be stealing?

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                I, at least, pay a subscription for YouTube. If they don’t like the fact that I use an ad blocker, they can stop taking my money.

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                  If you’re paying for YouTube, do you even need an ad-blocker for it? I was under the impression that paying removes the ads…

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                    1. It still blocks Google Analytics.
                    2. I still need it for the rest of the web, and I never bothered adding an exception since it still works.
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                  I think that gets tricky, but keeping to YouTube’s case, I pay $12/mo for the service and still use a privacy blocker.

                  Ads undeniably are a privacy nightmare, which is why I personally use one. I also opt for a pay option when I can, such as blendle for news. What I do think gets less ethically ambiguous on that front is when a service does offer a paid option without ads, but the response is simply “I don’t want to pay for it.”

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                    YouTube does not forbid blocking ads. Blocking ads without paying is allowed by YouTube, so it can’t be stealing. At best it is diligently collecting coupon to take advantage of price discrimination.

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                      From the YouTube API terms:

                      You and your API Clients must not, and must not encourage, enable, or require others to:

                      1. modify, interfere with, replace, or block advertisements placed or served by YouTube or by YouTube API Services including in API Data, YouTube audiovisual content, or YouTube players;
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                        That term is about YouTube API Services, which is explicitly not YouTube websites. See section IV.

                        The comment was not really specific to YouTube. Collecting discount coupons is not stealing from Walmart. Usually, blocking ads is also not stealing from websites.

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                UX-wise SkyTube seems more polished. It lacks playback speed control, though. Almost any YT video that isn’t about playing music (as music can be badly distorted), can be watched using at least 1.25x speed without any issues, and many of them remain comfortably understandable with 1.5x speed.

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                  NewPipe is also the sort of FOSS technology that is subversive in a wonderful way, SAMBA also comes to mind.

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                    If you like NewPipe but want something just for music, try MusicPiped.

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                      My gripe with MusicPiped is that it doesn’t allow downloading and listening offline, which is my main use-case for NewPipe. I’ve used it, but it’s not compelling.

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                      YouTube supports some of these… for $12/month. Isn’t that a bit excessive?

                      I would totally pay that if the payment included adding me to a “privacy whitelist”, so it pays for the services I’m consuming instead of getting the money from selling data and ad targeting and sharing that money directly with the channels I’m subscribed to.

                      But none of those seem plausible at all.

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                        What makes you believe your data is being sold (as opposed to your attention)?

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                          I’ll retract my words on explicitly selling my data to others because it’s more a belief than a fact (I still don’t trust big tech companies in general).

                          But I’ll keep my opinion on too much data collecting, and that opting out of that data collecting paying for the actual service, would be plausible for me.

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                        A tool that connects to a proprietary service is the best of FOSS? Hum…

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                          has anyone been able to open youtube links with newpipe?

                          I use firefox mobile browser


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                            Long press on the link, select “Open with NewPipe app”.

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                              thanks that works - i was hoping to get it with just a single tap - but it seems that is only possible with Chrome


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                            This is a good article! I’ve been thinking of writing something similar, except with a list of all open source applications that are much better than the proprietary alternative. Those cases should truly be celebrated! Other examples include darktable, PostgreSQL, and perhaps QGIS too.

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                              There’s also YouTube Vanced: https://youtubevanced.com/

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                                Not available on playstore at the opposite of firefox+ublock origin

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                                  I love NewPipe, if only for the ability to save videos and to watch them later without network.